How to Shop: Toys For 6 to 12 Months

ImageThe second half of a baby’s first year is crucial for its development. This is the period when curiosity for the immediate environment heightens and the way it interacts shapes the baby’s future personality.

Most parents feel that the kid has matured from the sleepy days and is ready to take up the initial challenges of the real world. This is the time babies get more communicative, become stronger, mobile, dexterous and attentive. They sit up and begin to crawl all over the house. Some may even stand by the age of 10 or 11 months.

They will literally try to explore everything, and everything that seems interesting is put into the mouth. With strength and coordination improving, babies find more pleasure following balls, moving toys and exploring every nook and cranny of their world.

To keep your baby entertained and occupied while ensuring that they are safe and secure, here are some interesting toys that parents can introduce their child to from the ages of 6 months to a year.

Musical toys

Babies this old will grab just anything – plastic bottles, wooden spoons, saucers, and anything that is capable of being banged and making noise. At the same time, they will be putting everything into their mouth.

To ensure that your baby is getting adequate stimulation to quench his excitement and curiosity, you can replace the above mentioned items with safer musical options. A Baby Phone can be an effective way to keep your little one occupied. The Karma – Musical Toy City Loco is also an entertaining toy to introduce your baby to the world of sounds.

If you want a toy that will help you bond with your baby, the Vtech Nursery Rhymes Book is a great choice. You can sing the nursery rhymes to your baby while they explore the soft textures and pictures in the plush book.

ImageTeddies and soft dolls

Most babies are in love with teddies and soft toys. Colourful plush toys have ability to delight them. Soft toys are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors and will be an easy thing for your baby to pick and snuggle with. It is just like having a cuddly companion!

Products like the Carter Soft Toy Bear are just the thing to get your baby excited and giggling over its new plaything. Always ensure you buy good brands when it comes to plush toys as cheap ones can have fibres and parts that can come off and go into your baby’s mouth.

Building Blocks

When you want to introduce your baby to something educational, soft blocks and nesting toys are a great choice for a baby in this age group. While, they will normally be able to stack only a couple of blocks at a time, it helps them develop motor coordination and also analytical skills.

However, you can also be sure that when your baby gets bored, the blocks would go into the mouth. Soft, non-toxic items will be the best materials to look out for. You can go for something like the Junior Ring or the First Block Sets to set the mood.

Moving toys

Babies find their friends in toys and it would be good if you can give them something interactive to grab their attention. They easily get attracted to running trains, dancing dolls and things of this sort. It does enhance their power of imagination. Just make sure these are all made from soft, pliable materials that will not hurt your little crawler.

What toys did your baby warm up to? Which were your baby’s favourites at this age? Do share you experiences in the comments below.


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