My Baby Has Colic: SOS Moms Reply

ImageKaruna Aditya Chatterjee is worried about her 3 month old baby who has colic and flatulence. She is breast-feeding him and has asked our page fans for their tips to relieve both these issues.

We asked our moms to come up with their best remedies and suggestions to help Karuna and her baby. Here are some of the things they advised.

Remedies For The Baby:

Many babies have colic for 3 to 4 months as their digestive system matures. You can use Colicaid or Colimax (on a doctor’s prescription only), Woodwards gripe water, Himalaya Bonnisan, janam ghutti, probiotics. Give Neopeptin drops (10 drops) twice daily for 3 weeks on the prescription of a doctor.

Take one glass water and add 2 spoons of ajwain (carom) and saunf (fennel) each. Heat the water till it reduces to one thirds. Give 1 or 2 spoons of this solution to your baby.

Take some harad (Black Cumin), mash it a little bit with few drops of water along with pinch of hing and Kala namak (rock salt), collect half a tea spoon and give it to your baby twice a day.

You can dissolve a little hing (asafoetida) in water or ghee, or boil it in milk (half spoon hing for 2 spoons of milk) and massage it around your baby’s navel and lower abdomen. Don’t make it too strong.

Burp your baby after every feed. Hold the baby at an angle against your tummy with its head higher than the rest of the body while burping. Some babies need to be burped really long, as long as 10 minutes for them to burp.

Put the baby in your lap with its belly on your thighs after a feed and lightly pat it so that the gas is expelled. Lightly massage the baby’s tummy with your palm to give them some relief. Pedal the baby’s legs in a cycling motion to expel gas.

During your baby’s oil massage, try circular clockwise moves repeatedly and also with both palms downward. Watch videos on YouTube that show how to relieve colic with massages.

You can make the baby sleep on their chest or stomach to get the gas out, but make sure you turn their face to once side to enable proper breathing. Place a dry, warm towel on the baby’s tummy. If she is too cranky, put her to sleep facing downward on your chest.

For The Mom:

Breastfeeding is best. Avoid bottles or formula feed. You diet is important and can affect the baby’s digestion. Avoid gassy foods in your own diet, like cabbage, capsicum, chole, chana, besan, chana dal, onions, potatoes etc.

Reduce caffeine and spices in your food. Avoid non vegetarian for a few days. Take plenty of water. Tender coconut really helps. Everyday take a cup of curd and pomegranate juice.

Take a pinch of asafoetida and mix with 150 ml water and drink it. Also boil 3 pods of garlic in milk and take twice a week at night. After every meal, chew a teaspoon of roasted ajwain.

What helps the most is patience. The colic will go away by itself after 3 to 4 months. The situation will improve as your baby grows and its digestive system matures with each passing day.

Thanks to these awesome moms:

Charu Sahil Sharma, Meenal Dicon-Sengupta, Amrita Singh, Gunjan Khandelwal, Meenakshi Chandail Parihar, Divya Kiran, Nilomi Patel, Harsha Ahuja Singh, Komal Goyal, Sonam Manoj, Anamika Sinha, Aanchal Tripathi, Pooja Pagaria Baid, Neha Singla Johri, Devangi Oza-Kapadia, Preitz M Kory Patil, Monalisa Brahma, Anshu Anshul Soni, Rubecca Coutinho, Vasu Mahajan, Kareena Narwani, Keerthy Shunmugarajan, Archana Babu, Moumita Chanda Chakraborty, Remya Houratious, Anza Sabha Wani, Rekha Vaz, Chitra Raj, Anita Ravindran, Sunita Pandey Pabari, Janki Shah, Namrata Dugar Kumar, Nanda Prashanth, Lavanya Reddy, Shagun Chaudhary, Rubecca Coutinho, Sushmita Saraf, Rashmi Soni, Mrinal Kanti Singha, Komal Goyal, Uzma Jafri, Kavita Bhole Dhande, Manvi Suri, Priyanka Kundra Kalra, Anuradha Sridharan, Angana Roy Choudhury, Priya Misra, Sakshi Abbey Bhatnagar, Sareen Srishty, Sommya Singh, Kamila Asraf, Rajshree Phukan Mukherjee, Anjali Pankaj Sinha, Kiran Rai, Sheetal Gogia, Mukesh Kumar, Haleema Ayub, Mano Priyanga, Arpita Samriya, Gurjot Bharaj, Nitya Singhal, Thangavidhya Subramanian, Anu Lamba, Vanela Kohli, Saptadipa Ghosh, Sapna Sengar, Sweta Majumder, Janani Janarthan, Imran Beg.

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