How To Shop: Toys For 0 To 6 Months

ImageWhile newborn babies spend most of their time sleeping, the moment they are alert, it’s all about curiosity and discovery. They look around and try to feel with their hands, feet, and all their senses.

As they become aware and familiar with their surroundings, play comes naturally. Toys are the immediate tool of attractions and the most popular ones include toys for listening, looking, squeezing or tasting.

Babies at this age love to see bright and colorful objects – blue, yellow, red and green are catchy! If you are looking for the most attractive toys, go for contrasting colors and fascinating designs.

However, a much more important thing to ensure while buying the toys is their safety quotient. New born babies are the most vulnerable to infections, chemicals and other problems like choking because they tend to put everything in their mouths.

Some of the products we recommend, for babies from birth to 6 months of age, include:


Rattles have long since been a popular play item for babies between 0 and 6 months. As babies start growing, rattles help them interact with their environment. They can be made from cloth, wood or plastic, but make sure they are soft and non-toxic.

Rattles come in a variety of designs, color schemes and sounds. The Mee Mee Rattle Set could be a good choice in this category as it incorporates fun learning strategies with playfulness.


Babies in this age group love to suck on and bite things. Teethers are a useful product in this category as many babies are teething and need relief from sore gums.

Morisons Baby Dreams Silicone Toy Teether creates a stimulating effect on the tender gums of babies. Both attractive and educational, this teether has been optimally designed for the baby to hold and chew. Refrigerate it 15-20 minutes before use for a nice soothing effect on the baby’s gums.

Baby Play Gyms

Little babies love to roll on their tummies and explore their world. This has led to the creation of innovative Baby Play Gyms. The Fab N Funky Multifunctional Musical Workout Toy facilitates delightful activity with its bright colors and attractive graphics.

It encourages babies to start supporting themselves on their forearms. Helping reflexes, it will make their movements get stronger and smoother over time.

Bath toys

Bath can be a fun time for most babies, but there are some who need a bit of encouragement. Non-toxic, smooth and attractive bath toys like the 7 piece collection from Mee Mee Bath Toys, can save you the trouble of pacifying your baby during a bath. Colorful bath toys featuring cartoon characters and animals can keep their smile alive and let your baby look forward to bath time.

Babies from birth to six months of age are discovering a new world outside the warm, safe confines of the womb. It’s up to the parents to give them a combination of stimulation and soothing toys that will help them discover their world safely and joyously.


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