How to Shop: Strollers

ImageMost parents need a good, safe stroller when taking their baby on outings. It is an essential item of parenting gear as soon as the child is born and fit to be taken out for a stroll.

It is useful until the time the baby starts walking steadily on its own, which is usually around the age of 2 or 3. As parents, we want to ease the pressure to carry our child and also want to provide comfort and safety to the baby when we go out.

You will find many different varieties of strollers available for sale online. From economical and light weight models, to stylish and sturdy top-of-the-line models a large variety of strollers are offered for sale. You might want to consider one that balances cost and functionality with ease of use.

If you’re finding it hard to decide which stroller is right for your own family, here are some factors you can keep in mind when deciding to buy one.

1. Age of the Baby: Infants and newborns need a lightweight stroller. The Hauck Bassinet might be a good choice for infants. A jogging or umbrella stroller may be preferable for older kids. The Safety 1st Compacity Stroller is suitable for ages 0 to 3.5 years. This kind of stroller grows with your baby so you don’t have to buy a new one every few years.

2. Terrain: For the occasional stroll and mall-walking, small strollers with plastic wheels are the best choice. All terrain strollers that have wheels with air-filled tires and a solid tubular structured frame are necessary for jogging, hiking, or navigating over streets laid with cobblestone. If you can afford it, you could also invest in a Chicco I-Move Stroller that comes with a 360 degree rotating seat and turns into a child car seat. It has an energy dissipating backrest in shock-absorbing material.

3. Frequency of Use: For daily use it is wise to spend a little more money on a sturdy model that you can depend on for longer use. The Farlin BF 885A Baby Stroller might be a good choice in this case.

Tips to select a suitable stroller:

When selecting the best stroller for your needs, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Check out the performance difference between four wheelers and three wheeler strollers and test them for maneuverability and stability. Choose adjustable wheels with swivel options which it easy to turn around quickly. The ability to lock the wheels straight ahead is possible in this case, and is very useful for a road with rough stones or for jogging.

Steering is usually much easier with a full length bar on the top than the ones with two handles to push. A comfortable stroller is one that is easily workable with single hand and a foot. This enables to keep another hand free to hold the baby and then lower them sit comfortably into the seat. It is also good to test the fastener and ensure it closes properly.

Most babies fall asleep when taken on a stroll in the open air. A well-padded, strong seat area is preferable, especially one with a comfortable space for the child to remain cool. A backrest can be adjusted to lie flat, like a small makeshift bed, allows the child to lie flat when asleep.

A footrest is very convenient for bigger kids and it also prevents from dragging their feet and getting them caught in the wheels while moving around. Bumper bars allow the baby to hold onto the bar and provides safety while moving.

A good suspension and well-designed brakes make for a smoother, safer and controlled ride. The stroller should feature a good cover with plastic waterproof options to protect baby from the sun and inclement weather.

A good stroller will also have space for shopping and keeping spare clothes, diapers, baby food etc. You can find over 100 models of strollers with detailed description of the benefits of each model on Keep the tips above in mind before you select one that is right for you.


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