Fussy Eaters: Can Finger Foods Help?

ImageSome babies are picky eaters. They start liking or disliking many foods at an early age. As soon as you can feed them with solid foods, you will have a problem with getting them to eat some foods.

The most important thing is that you don’t want your child to start losing weight or remain hungry. You need to him give your child foods that are rich in nutrients. So how do you do this without losing your mind?

Remember that each child or toddler is unique and needs to be handled in a special way. What works for one, may not work for the other. Here are a few tips to tackle fussy eaters.

Create a relaxed atmosphere:

Believe it or not, but the acceptance of foods by your child partly depends on the environment in which you feed them. It is necessary that you provide a relaxed environment when it’s feeding time. Try to make mealtime a happy time.

Don’t worry if your kid knocks down drinks or throws food on the floor. Let them be relaxed and enjoy the meal even if a lot of it ends up getting wasted. The idea is to avoid any negative connection with food and this will happen if they see you getting stressed over it.

Introduce finger foods:

Sometimes, your child just wants to experience the feel and texture of food in their own hands before they eat it. Kids love to squash and feel the food in their fingers, so let them. Encourage this behavior by introducing them to finger foods.

These are foods that they can put into their own mouth. Pieces of chopped up banana and other fruit, small cutlets made of vegetables or sandwiches cut into quarters – all these can become fun finger foods for your child.

• Sandwiches:

These are really a great option both for breakfast and lunch. You can certainly sneak a few veggies in between the mayonnaise, cucumber and tomatoes. Grill them to create variety. Make the food attractive, cut the sandwich in a smiley face. Children love colors, so add a dash of natural colour to make the meal exciting.

• Noodles And Pasta:

Most kids love both pasta and noodles, and there are a lot of possibilities you can explore with these finger foods. These are also a great way to incorporate vegetables, which many kids are fussy about. The sauce can cover the taste of veggies so your child would not even realise he’s having veggies for lunch.

When it comes to finger foods, you need to allow kids to handle the food and eat it with their own hands. Let them enjoy their meal even if they make a mess. Keep bibs handy – they come in a variety of sizes, full as well as short ones. The more they will enjoy these finger foods, the less fussy they will become.

Introducing new foods:

If your kids get bored with what they are eating, they might demand the food on your plate instead. This is a good time to take the chance and introduce them to something new. Watching you enjoy your food will give them the incentive to try it out and they just might end up liking it.

Siblings are a great help to motivate your little ones to eat more and often, since children like a bit of competition. If the older child eats a portion of fruit, the younger one may ask for a double portion just to have more than their sibling.


Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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