My Child Is Putting On Too Much Weight: SOS Moms Reply

ImageMom Jazzpreet Kaur is worried about her 9 year old daughter’s health. The little one is persistently putting on weight and is also constipated.

We asked our community of helpful moms to weigh in on the reasons why this could be happening and to provide remedies. We summarize some of the suggestions they offered.

It is a good idea to cut out junk food altogether. Maida can cause constipation. Stop giving her everything made of maida, like bhature (deep-fried Indian bread), kachori (deep-fried savoury snack), pizza and any junk food.

Keep a regular check on your child’s water intake and ensure that she drinks a minimum of 3 litres of water a day. Also include greens and leafy vegetables and doodhi (bottle gourd) in her diet as these provide fiber to alleviate constipation. You can also get her to eat bananas regularly. Give her a lot of fresh fruits and juices.

You might also want to consult a doctor and check her thyroid hormone levels to ensure that it is not hypothyroidism, as this can cause weight gain.

Help your child choose an active lifestyle that involves outdoor sports, such as skipping or cycling, or yoga, and encourage her to spend less time with video games or smart phones.

Boil ajwain (caraway seeds) and saunf (fennel) in water and strain it – give it to her a few times a day to improve her digestion. Avoid all diary products other than milk and curd. 2 Hajmola golis or 50 ml tamarind juice given every day for a few days will cure constipation.

With special thanks to these mothers:

Sanjukta Chandra, Renuka Suradeep Nath, Chhavi Tayal, Amruta Rao, Anitha Ravi, Sheela Sravanthi, Sapna J Biswas, Kiran Sopori Bhan, Aastha Gera Dua, Neha Singla Johri, Netra Dulera Soneji, Lavanya Reddy

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