Visiting The Grandparents: How It Helps The Baby

Grandpa with new babyGrandparents are important in a child’s life. Most of us have grown up having them around. As kids, we can’t imagine our life without them. The same applies to your kids. They also need their grandparents around them to give them a multi-generational experience.

Grandparents have a very important role to play in a kid’s life because they can teach kids a lot of things and give them the kind of patience and experience that their parents do not have. Given a chance, your kids will find a support system in their grandparents.

Having grandparents around can help in the development of your kid’s personality. Most kids love spending time with their grandparents as, unlike their busy parents, grandparents have the time to give them undivided attention, share stories, read them books, tell them about the family history and about their lives, all of which fascinates kids and gives them a perspective that transcends generation.

Apart from having fun, your kid will learn a lot about the family history, culture and traditions which your family follows. It is important for any child to learn about their culture and traditions to enhance their sense of rootedness.

Grandparents have their own stories to share. Your kid will listen to all those anecdotes they share and enjoy them. Moreover, these conversations stay with them for a lifetime. These stories also help to pass on values that are shared through the generations.

Kids are young and like a blank piece of paper. Whatever you write on their minds stays forever. It is up to you to see that you do not allow the grandparents’ superstitions and outdated beliefs to influence your kids. Explain to them that some things that were once true in your parents’ time are no longer true for them.

Today, with kids exposed to so much technology, they often end up teaching their grandparents how to use it. So learning happens both ways for grandparents and grandchildren.

It is also important for your kids to see you having a good relationship with your parents as that will influence their future relationship with you. Allowing them to see that you love and care for your parents will turn them into a good human being capable of love and compassion for their own parents.

How have grandparents influenced your kids’ lives? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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