My Baby’s Legs Are Not Straight: SOS Moms Reply

ImageThis week, super mom Swati Shukla Mishra approached us for advice about her 10 month old baby’s legs not being straight.

Swati was worried and wanted guidance. Our community of moms came to her rescue with some excellent and reassuring advice.

Here are some of the tips they shared:

Don’t panic. It is not a problem. Some kids are born with naturally curved legs and most babies have bow legs till 3 years of age. Even diapers can make a child’s legs look bow-shaped. Orthopedic doctors usually tell you to ‘do nothing’ as the bones of some kids are not properly joined at the hip leading to the curvature.

Also you cannot judge from the shape of the child’s legs at 10 months of age, as this condition heals automatically as kids start growing and walking, and the leg muscles develop and strengthen. Don’t take any drastic measures that can result in permanent damage. Just allow your child to grow up normally.

By the age of two, the child is usually walking and running normally. But if s/he is not sitting and standing or walking with the help of support, it’s best to check with the pediatrician.

Some doctors believe that the condition arises due to calcium deficiency in the baby. If this is suspected, you can give the child calcium supplements on the advice of the doctor. The best option is natural calcium and food high in protein.

It is a good practice to massage the child’s legs two or three times a day, especially before a bath, and to use Dabur Lal Oil, which is a very old and effective remedy for such a condition. Alternatively, you can use ghee, or a mixture of olive and mustard oil, for massage.

Use warm oil applied with upward strokes while holding both legs together and to continue this with gentle strokes sideways wherever there is a slight bulge. It’s best to hire an old lady who is very experienced in massage. If using oil for the massage, wash it off with soap in half an hour.

Massage also eases any pain and tiredness that the baby might be experiencing. Set a schedule for the massage and do it regularly. You can also tie the baby’s legs together with a cotton dupatta from the thighs downward for a couple of hours before the baby sleeps. Also stop using a walker as it might cause problems with the baby’s legs.

With special thanks to these parents :

Arti S. Peter, Sonia Manaktala, Smita Rokade, Rashmi Kabibar Padhan, Vandhna Siddharth Manek, Venugopalacharyulu Kada, Kanupriya Agarwal, Swati Shukla Mishra, Greeshma Rahul, Rakhi Golui Sarkar, Aseeja Satheesh, Suresh Panthlori, Tamishra Mandal, Anshu Anshul Soni, Fakhera Juzer Hussain, Lavanya Reddy, Neha Monish Sharma, Preeti Vyas Parashar, Simran Beri, Manjusha Jejurikar Vaze, Roohi Saleem, Pari Mohit Rai, Sagarika Dhar, Rajni Dhandharia, Maninder Kaur, Preitz M Kory Patil, Ruqaiyya Khan, Tithi Parmar, Neha Mehrotra, Shonali Rawal.

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