Food for Tots: 5 Holiday Treats Your Kid Will Love To Gorge On

ImageAre you tired of seeing those disgusted expressions on your kids’ faces when they sees the food on table? Are you looking for some out-of-the-box dish for your child who is always demanding something to eat? Are you worried about the upcoming holidays and want to plan a fun diet regime for your tot?

Here are 5 recipes which will answer all your needs and introduce your child to a variety of foods. The recipes below are designed keeping in mind the energy and other nutrient requirements of your child.

1) Vegetable Rolls:

Little kids do not need heavy meals, but their energy requirements are high as they start walking and talking a lot at this age. Hence, instead of giving vegetables separately with Roti and running all around to make them eat follow these tips.

Use rice flour and wheat flour (50-50 or 60-40 proportions) and make rotis. Take vegetables like onion, capsicum, carrot and cabbage and cut them into pieces. To this add sweet corn and tomato. Fry them nicely and roll them in rotis. Put the roll on Tawas and fry them. Your child will love it!

2) Toast for breakfast:

If your child loves breakfast and is tired of vegetables, you can give them toast with different spreads – like cinnamon mixed with sugar, cheese with garlic butter or various chutney recipes. This will introduce your tot’s tongue to new tastes

3) Smoothies:

Food for tots is incomplete without milk and this is the age where children start disliking milk and start expressing various whims and fancies associated with milk. You can mix all kinds of fruits – strawberries, bananas, musk melons, apples, etc in smoothie form and mix it in milk.

This can be cooled in fridge and given to your tot before he goes out to play or comes out after play. You can also add oats in it, as this will complete the need for fiber in their diet.

4) Upmas/ Dosas:

Try dosas made from different grains- millets, bajri- jowar, Semolina and some colour to it – green from spinach, red from beetroot, etc. These attractive colours will attract your child and he will eat it. Instead of regular semolina, make upma from vermicelli or daliya and add lots of vegetables to it.

5) Make a variety of sweets at home:

At this age, children start craving colored sweets from the confectionery. Try making sweets from peas, ginger, potatoes, and bananas at home. They are healthier and more hygienic to eat and your child will develop the habit of eating at home. My grandma made a dark brown sweet by frying ripened banana smoothie into a sweet which we mistook as chocolate for years!

We hope these recipes make perfect holiday treats for your kids, but keep in mind that just making your child eat does not instill in him good habits. You need to sit with them and involve them in your work so that they understand the process of cooking and appreciate the hard work you do. Also they will learn to keep themselves busy.

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