Coping with Common Cold in Babies : SOS Moms Reply

Nusrat Anjum has asked for some tips on how to cope with her baby’s frequent cold. Her little one catches cold frequently. It lasts for about a week and every time her baby gets very cranky as a result.

 Colds tend to come on slowly. The first thing you might notice is your baby becoming restless and irritable. It will be followed by a nose stuffiness, which will progress to nostrils dripping.

The first thing you should do is to figure out whether your baby has common cold, an allergy, or some serious illness. This can be tricky, a child with common cold is likely to continue playing and eating close to normal. If it’s a serious illness, he’ll possibly be less energetic and more cranky.

 Common cold is frequent in small children with runny noses because of low immunity against different cold viruses flying around. Stuffed-up nose can be very uncomfortable as it makes difficult for your baby to breathe which results in irritation. Suction bulb is an easy way to gently extract the excess mucus, you can also use saline nasal drops to soften mucus before suctioning.

 You can apply petroleum jelly or other ointment, under baby’s nose to help prevent chapping and reddening of skin. However be careful, it should not get into the babies nostrils, to avoid being inhaled or block breathing.

Offer your little one frequent feeds. They might be a bit off their milk when they have a cold, so little and often is the way to go, to keep them hydrated . Feeding can also be a comfort for them in this difficult situation.

Be very gentle while wiping babies nose because your baby’s skin will quickly redden from all the dampness. Applying some petroleum jelly between the nose and top lip will sooth and protect the area.

Herbal and homeopathy medicines are also quite effective, however you should always consult an expert for the same. Some suggestion by moms are

  • One spoon Honey with Tulsi, in morning and evening helps a lot to babies

  • Boil munakka mishri and a pinch of black salt in one cup water. Boil until it comes to half. Give twice a day.

  • Tulsi drops with turmeric or honey is also

  • Give tulsi, ginger and honey on a regular basis. Few drops of tulsi and ginger juice with a tea spoon if honey.

 Although colds are not generally serious, in young babies you do need to keep a check on fever.

For babies under three months if temperature goes above 38°C you should see a doctor.

If your baby is younger than three months, it’s advisable to take him to the doctor, even if you think it’s just a common cold. Younger babies have less developed immune system that makes them prone to secondary infection.

Special thanks to all expert moms,

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