Baby giving hard time while bath : SOS Moms Reply

Kavita Anand is having a hard time when she gives her baby a bath. The little one is still crying and Kavita needs your super tips on helping the baby adapt to a bath.

Most babies are over washed. In reality, babies don’t get very dirty. The toddler/mud puddle friendship has not yet begun.  Some babies love being in the water, and giving your baby a warm bath can become a fun and relaxing daily ritual.  Bath time can be fun. But you need to be very careful with your child around water.  Many young babies are frightened of the water and cry the whole time and handling a squirming, slippery baby can cause the most confident parent to break out in a nervous sweat. But with a little preparation, practice, and patience, bath time can become one of those treasured routines of raising a baby.

  • If your baby screams every time you try to put her into the water, it either means that she is hungry, the water is too hot or cold, or you have a baby who doesn’t like to be alone in the water.
  •  Her security may be threatened. Here’s how we have enjoyed bathing our babies.
  • Take your baby into the bathtub with you.
  • Get the water ready and undress yourself and baby.
  • Hold her close to you as you get into the water and then sit back and enjoy the warm skin-to-skin contact.
  •  If your baby still protests, sit in the tub first and show her how much you are enjoying the bath.
  •  Then have someone else hand your baby to you while you are sitting in the bathtub.
  • Mothers, don’t be surprised if your baby wants to breastfeed at this time. It is the natural result of being close to your breast. In fact, if your baby still fusses upon entering the water in your arms, relax her by putting her to your breast first. Slowly ease your way into the tub. Then gradually lower baby into the water as she continues to suck. This is a special way to enjoy mothering and bathing your baby.
  • As your baby gets older, bath toys such as the traditional rubber ducky may entice the reluctant bath taker.
  • When bathing together in a tub, take special precautions to avoid slipping.
  • While you are getting used to bathing with baby, it is safer to hand baby to another person or place her on a towel as you get out of the tub.

Here’s another family trick for enticing the reluctant bather. This involves getting baby to associate bath time with a pleasant event to follow. After the bath you may spend some special cuddle time together. Or, follow the bath with a soothing massage. Baby will soon develop an association between the bath as the wet stage to put up with in order to get the total body massage.

With Special thanks to all our expert Moms:

Jayashree Banerjee, Lipsa Das, Renuka Iyengar, Jyotsana Verma, Divya Deepak, Bargavi Sriram, Gandhimathi  Vinothkumar, Swathi Lanka, Aarpita Arora, Neha Singla Johri, Mahathi Ramakrishna, Sheela Sravanthi, Karishma Salot Nagpal, Princy Ritzy, Anita Seemar Mahi, Supriya Pathak Kulkarni.


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  1. I just want to add another important point, never leave your baby alone while bathing.

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