Baby gets scared of the Ganpati Processions : SOS Moms Reply

Mommy Nidhi Shah shares her query with us today!

Her little one gets scared of the Ganpati processions around and she wants to make her feel comfortable. She needed some tips to comfort her daughter.

FC Suggests: Exposing a newborn baby to loud noises is not advisable. However, if your baby is a toddler or a kid, we at FC, suggest you to initially show her processions from a distance. This will not make her uncomfortable, and she’ll be able to observe the processions better. Gradually introduce her to small Ganpati pandals to acquaint her with the lighting and sound. Once you feel she is completely relaxed, you can take her to the processions.

We asked the lovely parents on our SOS Mom forum to help and here’s what they shared with their tips and suggestions:

1. Don’t stop going to processions just because she isn’t comfortable. Make it a normal routine for her all these 10 days and soon her inhibitions will vanish.

2. Dance and enjoy with her in the procession. It will relax her and she might start enjoying with you.

3. Recite stories of Lord Ganesha. Show her the animated cartoons and let her listen the bhajans that are normally played in the processions. It will help her get familiar to the songs and tunes. 

4. Get her stickers and stuff toys of Ganesha, these will help to eliminate her fear while she plays with them.

With special thanks to parents:

Pooja Shrivastav, Misha Bhattal, Sonal pandey, Saloni Kapadia




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