Dealing with Baby Tantrums : SOS Moms Reply

A tantrum is the emotional equivalent of a summer storm sudden and sometimes fierce. A tantrum is a young child’s way of physically expressing feelings such as anger, frustration, hurt and being upset. Tantrums tend to occur when young children do not have the language to express how they feel or the ability to handle their feelings without adult assistance. This often occurs between the ages of 18 months and four years, but each child is different. Some children don’t throw tantrums at all. 

Every child will throw a tantrum at some point. But there are ways to deal with tantrum episodes and prevent them from happening again. In the tantrum phase, children realize that they are independent people with their own thoughts and desires with all the previous strategies in place, parents are likely to have a relatively tantrum-free life. But it makes sense to have a few ideas up your sleeve for how to deal with them. 

The primary causes of baby tantrums may be 

  • Overtired

  • Hunger

  • Frustration

  • Afraid or anxiety

  • Inability to communication about their needs

  • Resistance to change

  • Over Stimulation


Mommy Rachna shared her query on dealing with her toddler’s tantrums without being harsh and a few of our expert Moms have suggested the following steps to handle child’s tantrum. 

  • Create a Diversion – Get your kid engaged and interested in something else so that they forget the meltdown they were having.

  • Give your Child Some Space – Sometimes your child just need time to get out of the emotional meltdown they going through, just let them have it.

  • Ignore the Kid – This is a well tested and commonly used measure to handle a tantrum as, during a tantrum, your child is literally out of his mind, and it just some matter of time it need to get back to normal.

  • Find out what is really frustrating your child – Their communication is limited, yet they have all these thoughts and wishes and needs to be met. When you don’t get the message or misunderstand, they freak out to release their frustration.

  • Hugs – This may feel like the last thing you want to do when your kid is freaking out, but it really can help her settle down.

  • Offer food or suggest a little Reward and Recognition – Being tired and hungry are the two biggest tantrum triggers, normally these things are observed during specific time of the day.FC suggests feed them and keep them busy either by putting them to bed or letting them watch a little TV.

  • Give your kids incentive to behave – Certain situations are trying for kids, try to analyse what hits the tigger for your child temper, It’s just all about recognizing when you’re asking a lot of your child and offering him a little bribe.

  • Speak Calmly – This step is much easier to be said than done, but most of the mom’s say you must keep your cool during a child’s tantrum. Talking in a soothing voice shows your child that you’re not going to let her behavior get to you. It also helps you stay relaxed when what you really want to do is yell right back. In fact, the calm tone is as much for the parent as the child! If you’re tense, your kid will pick up on it, and it’s going to amp her up even more.

  • Get out of there – Getting kids away from the scene of the tantrum can snap them out of it.

  • Another approach is to empathize with your kid, which helps take some of the edge off the tantrum, and then play detective, what exactly is the cause of the situation.

  • Music – This is also a well tested and tried distraction for your child from the tantrum situation.

We would like to thank our Moms-  Poonam Ganesh,Ashwini Bagare,Arundhati Mishra,Neha Swing,Preeti Parashar,Swati Jadhav-Aher,Jayshree Banerjee,Manpreet Walia,Sudha Chakravarty for their suggestions.


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