Simple Tips To Raising Happy Kids

8de27fed620cee6b3f8b6b9d7054d218You’ve probably been guilty of saying or thinking this sometime – looking at a child and attributing their behaviour or lack of it to the mom. Well, if you’re worried about becoming one of those moms yourselves and want to do everything perfect to raise that perfect baby, worry not.

Parenting is as much a crazy ride as it’s fun and enjoyable, and following a few simple rules as a parent should see you easily through this magical journey, with a smile on your face and a pat on your back:

Believe in yourself: First and foremost. If you don’t think you’re capable as a parent, your baby will probably pick up the signs too. Believe in yourself, trust your instincts and your judgement and know that you are a good parent who keeps her child’s well-being as a priority, and who is trying to raise a happy and caring child.

Do good and feel good: As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make your kids understand the importance of being a good human being first, rather than just being good on the outside. Teach your children the basics of sharing and caring, and let them know that more than looking good, it’s how they behave towards others that will make them better as a person.

Go easy on the ‘NO’: As many times as you say ‘NO’ in a day, your child picks up instant negative signals. This in turn will lead them to use more of negatives than positives, and gradually, their vocabulary will pick up more ‘NO’s. Incorporate more ‘YES’ than ‘NO’ in your daily use.

Appreciate the small things too: There’s a lot of stuff out there, but the bigger price tag isn’t always the secret to a happy baby and a happy life. Learn to appreciate the smaller things in life, teach your child the joys of enjoying and experiencing the smaller things that can still give happiness – a walk in the park, a day out at the beach, a family picnic, making crafts at home, painting on the wall together – these are all small small things that you can do together to make life more fun and enriching for your little ones and for you too.

Learn to bend the rules: Sometimes that is! Of course there are rules in life and in parenting, and you already know this by now, but sometimes, it’s okay to let the rules bend a bit – going a bit easy on cartoon time, giving a little leeway at bedtime, allowing an extra candy treat and some more.

Set limits: This may sound in direct contrast, but who said parenting is easy? As much as you are sometimes allowed to bend the rules a bit, you also need to set the limits. Let your child know how much of what is okay. Remember, you are the one who will set the limit, not your kids’ tears!

Budgeting: Money is important, money is valuable, and your child should know this at a young age. Teach your child the importance of finances, and make sure there’s a set budget that you and your child follow.

Teach what you will follow: Kids learn by example, so make sure you follow what you teach.

Indulge in ‘together’ activities: Make sure you’re spending time around the house doing things together. This will not only give your child a sense of importance, but also give them a sense of responsibility.


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