Easy, Healthy And Important Tips For Healthy Food Habits: SuperChef Mommas

pg-toddler-meal-planner-mother-preparing-dinner-01-full(image is for representation purpose only and FirstCry claims no rights to the image used here)

Mum Nehali Khoche shares these healthy, important and easy tips with us that she implements for her own baby’s eating habits:

  • Try and use home-made ghee for preparing baby’s meals or adding on top
  • Try and use jaggery (gur) instead of sugar as much as you can as this is a great source of iron
  • Use home made multi grain flour to provide a good balance of calcium, iron, proteins and carbohydrates
  • Add seasonal vegetables in your child’s food to add as much nutrition as you can
  • Try and give as much home made and fresh food as you can instead of packaged food

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