Baby Suffering From Gastric Problems : SOS Moms Reply

Mom Haleema Ayub’s 2 month old daughter suffers from gastric problems. She wanted to know about some home remedies that would help her baby feel better. 

FC suggests: Mother’s milk should ideally be exclusive to baby till the first 6 months, and we, at FirstCry, support the Breast is Best cause. In cases where you feel your baby needs some medication or oral method to get relief, we strongly suggest you visit baby’s doctor and check before administering any oral remedies or medicines, even gripe water. 

We asked the lovely parents on our SOS Mom forum to help and here’s what they had to share about their tips and suggestions: 

  1. Gently apply hing water/Castor Oil/ Aesetofida (heeng) and water paste on baby’s belly button.

  2. Massage some hing (in ghee) on your baby’s stomach.

  3. Massage baby’s stomach with warm coconut or olive oil in clockwise mode.

  4. Do a dry sikai (warm shake) on baby’s stomach with handkerchief

  5. Apply hing mixed in lukewarm water. After drying, take a cloth soaked in warm water and wipe off the hing. Bend your baby’s leg towards the stomach. This will help baby pass gas.

  6. As a lactating mother, you too should take care to avoid any gastric related problem in yourself. In case baby is keeping you awake for long at night, eat something. It may be an odd time for the mother to eat, but being hungry for longer intervals can lead to gas formation.

  7. Rub baby’s stomach from right to left or move the legs in a cycling position, this will help baby pass gas.

  8. Have a proper diet.

  9. Chew your food properly

  10. Avoid/ minimise foods that can lead to gas, like peas,mutter, potatoesaloo, chana dal, brinjal, spicy food, fried food, dairy products, cauliflower, etc.

  11. Eat and drink only warm food and water, avoid anything from the fridge.

  12. After your meals have a pinch of ajwain, one spoon daily – this helps baby’s digestion.

  13. Sometimes, including garlic in the diet can help

  14. Feed baby in a sitting with baby’s head slightly elevated on your lap. Do not feed lying down. After feeding, put baby on your shoulder and make them burp, then lay baby down flat on the back. Do not put baby on tummy immediately after feeding.

  15. Try and lay baby on the stomach for a while at regular intervals.

  16. Lie down baby on tummy and on the back. Make sure baby’s face is sideways so that baby can breathe easily.

  17. Nothing other than breast milk is recommended for babies less than 6 months old so please DO NOT give baby anything else. 

With special thanks to parents : 

Rashmi Saraswat,Trina Basu,Er Jyotsna,Hadiya Zaineb,Sanjukta Bhadury Bishnu,Deepak Rupali,Poulomi Bhattacharjee,Banu Vivek,Anum Anwar,Selvarani Ganesan,Vrinder Pargal,Payas Goel,Neha Agrawal,Santoshi Visu,Chandra Amudan,Mariya Bhagat,Divya Dua,Aman Malhotra,Anupama Rishi,Pallavi Patkar,Divya Deepak,Shefali Ranjit Modi,Disha Kataria,Jessica Chandok,Jas Saini, Aarti Rao Manjeshwar,Aastha Gera Dua,Farah Fairy,Rachna Jain,Vinita Sharma,Vidya Menon,Kalpana Chetanwala,Sarita Jha,Priya Garg,Suraksha Srivatsa,Swapna Subramaniam,Brindha Karthikeyan,Renuka Iyengar,Milka M Bhutia,Chitra Adhikari,Shilpy Srivastava,Jayshree Banerjee,Anuradha Pawar-Raghavan,Rekha Subramanian,Ashlesha Rangdal,Shilpa Vishal Ranjan,Nishita Verma Bonnoisan,Sandhiya Rajiv Shankar,Shivangi Sachdeva,Christina Harijan,Guneet Kaur,Latha Vibhooti,Sukoon Jethani Chopra



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