Washing Away The Monsoon Myths

Child playing in the rainMums, how many times have you worried about the monsoon season, so much so that your worries have by far been more than your child’s enjoyment of the season?

If you too have fallen prey to these common myths that surround monsoon and the health and safety of your kids, here are some facts that will help wash away those very common monsoon myths:

Myth 1: Getting drenched in the rain means you’ll catch a cold

Fact: Yes, you may, but that’s not necessarily because you got drenched in the rain. While there may be a little bit of truth in this statement, the fact is that you catch a cold because of the fluctuating temperatures around you that lead up to a cold.

Myth 2: Vegetables are unsafe to consume during monsoon

Fact: This is absolutely not true! Instead, doctors advise you to indulge in more vegetables in the monsoon as they contain essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients. However, make sure that you do clean the vegetables thoroughly, especially the greens, before preparing them. Also, avoid raw vegetables and go for properly cooked/boiled ones.

Myth 3: Taking a wet shower after getting wet in the rains helps avoid cold.

Fact: Partially true, but for the fact that you can easily take that shower in warm/hot water as well. The main reason behind taking a bath after getting drenched in the rain is that rain water contains germs and the bath will help your body get rid of any dirt and germs.

Myth 4: Sitting near a fan or AC after getting drenched can result in fever.

Fact: Sudden changes in temperature do tend to lower our immunity and make us catch cold or fever, but this has nothing to do with a fan or AC.

Myth 5: Don’t have curd in the rains

Fact: Curd is known to improve the digestive system, absorb nutrients and also increase immunity. In fact, it’s good to have curd during monsoon.


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