Toddler Wets Bed While Sleeping: SOS Moms Forum

c668a669df07344de1a2df3cde62d1d2Mom Varuna Thakkar’s 2 year old baby wets the bed while asleep. She wants to know how to avoid this situation.

FirstCry says: Bed-wetting is a common phenomenon in all kids, and some children may also end up doing it occasionally till about 5-6 years of age.

Remember, as a parent:

  • Never scold your child for bed-wetting, talk to them nicely about it and tell them they have to be more careful
  • Never ever embarrass them in front of others for what they have done. This will only increase the wetting
  • If the problem continues especially with a growing child, talk to a doctor
  • Sometimes, bed-wetting is also a symptom of stomach worms, so if you’ve tried everything else and nothing helps still, check for worms and get your child tested by a doctor.

We asked the lovely parents on our SOS Mom forum to help and here’s what they had to share about their tips and suggestions:

  • Reduce the water intake during nights
  • Use rubber sheets for the bed and keep a couple of spare pants handy for a quick change in case they wet the bed
  • Use homeopathic medicine as these have no side effects on children
  • You will have to wake up at least more than once and help your child use the bathroom in the night
  • First teach the child to go to the washroom during the day, do not use diaper during day time and make your child use the washroom before sleeping and after waking up during day time.
  • Make it a practise to take her to the washroom just before bed. Maybe you can use a diaper only at night. Its normal for kids this small to do so. Maybe once she is 2 1/2 you may not need to use it anymore.
  • Ensure the child visits the toilet at regular intervals during the day and the evening to ensure that he/she does not hold urine for long periods of time
  • Bedwetting alarms are available in some stores that ring as soon as the child starts urinating in the bed. The child can be woken up and made to visit the bathroom for urination. Using this for a few nights can enable the child to wake up in case he feels like urinating.
  • Wake up the child in between sleep at regular intervals and help them use the washroom
  • Keep a potty trainer near the bed to make it easier to let baby pee in the middle of sleep time

With special thanks to parents:

Pallavi Cadambi, Gurdip Kaur, Aditi Parikh, Nazia Khan, Rucha Prasad Khare, Gunjan Pande, Preeti Parashar, Michelle Vas, Aastha Jain Agarwal, Deepika Prabhu, Shokhi Agarwal, Meetu Singh, Christina Harijan, Zuba Imran


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