10 Funky Things To Do This Monsoon With Kids: Monsoon Madness

9891181c6bc5ddbfd4a46edf579af3f8It’s MONSOON time!!!!!!!

Yeah parents, we know you’re loving the rains as much as your little ones get excited with getting wet in the rains, isn’t it?

You may deny it for all you can, but the fact is, monsoon brings out the kid in us like nothing can….remember those paper boats, that getting drenched in the rain when you knew mommy would scold, those warm cups of chocolate milk and so many special memories associated with rains?

Well, who says you can’t have it all over again, just because you’ve grown up? The best part is, now you can re-create that monsoon magic and madness all over again, and that too, together with your little one!

So here are 10 fun things that you should absolutely do with your kiddie this rain time….and if you have your special fun-time rain routine, comment below and let us know 🙂

(*Images courtesy Pinterest. All images are for representation purpose only and FirstCry shares no copyright or claim)

34db7a9e0e2a8c3766c913d3299726561. Arrange a rain-game for your kid and friends, and involve the parents too. It could be a simple game of catch, a race, kiddie football or anything that kids of the age-group are comfortable with.

1b6e1f4306619602b3fbf336abd396412. Let your baby/kid get dirty in the rain. Let them experience rain. Splash about, pat about, crawl, walk, jump…..do all of it and let them do it too….you can always wash them up after they’re done playing, right?

b051365757f0ae34d343daffff202a2c3. Get out those water-proof paints and let your child create an umbrella pattern on their own! It’s fun, its creative and it will be a great addition to the monsoon times, each year to come.

54b800d6da8923370d05753756257ac84. Arrange a rain walk. It could be you and your kid, or your kid with friends, kids with friends and the parents. Take out those umbrellas and rain coats and go out, have some rain fun!

2241a7c444b3bed24b20c77af85c18c75. Monsoon is puddle time! So make sure your kid gets lots of it. Let them take off their sandals and get your feet in the water. Spalsh about, jump together and see who can make the bigger and messier puddles! 🙂

4d916ba92fd3cfa8c6b9c64d67f6d44a6. Rain dance…what else??!!! Monsoon is the time when you get to do as much rain dance as you want. So set out those speakers inside, making sure they are in a dry place, and put them on loud. Get your kids in comfy clothes and arrange for some fun times with friends. If you’re worried about your child catching a cold, they can always be wearing a rain coat, right?

ea7f5a5870326137970260cd0f0a23ff7. Remember playing in the park in the rains when you were a kid? If you didn’t do it then, it’s time to do it now with your kid!!!

Go to a park and get on the swings…there’s nothing like having a swing time in the monsoon.

b65a24bf9adb55beb27254be93ffe2ed8. Create a monsoon collage with all the fun times your kid has this monsoon….Go all out, get creative and get as many clicks as you can….The idea is to share a monsoon-theme collage by the end of the rains!

19a2d2fefe8833612d47359165f558ce9. Matching rain boots for you and the kiddo is the style mantra of this monsoon. So, if you haven’t already, make sure you do it right away 🙂

160eab6132ba2e117c318ed47d6dfbb010. And remember, once you’ve done all of the above, it’s time to top it up with a mug of warm chocolate!!!!!


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