Handling Cabin Pressure In Flight With Baby: SOS Moms

ku-xlargeMommy Nidhi Mehta faces a lot of problems while traveling by flight as her 13 month old baby cries due to the air pressure.  We asked mums and dads to share their tips and advices with us to help her out. She’s planned a holiday and is worried about the journey!

  • Here’s what the many mums and dads on our SOS Mom forum had to say:
  • Give a bottle of milk/juice/water just before takeoff and landing. The sucking helps to ease the pressure in the ears.
  • Feed baby DURING take off AND landing.
  • If there is an empty seat next to you put the baby in it during the flight. Let baby lie flat on the back and keep patting slowly.
  • Carry snacks for baby and keep feeding during takeoff and landing.
  • Carry baby’s favourite toys to keep busy
  • Try not to let baby sleep too much before the flight so that baby can get good sleep in the flight!
  • If you have stopped breastfeeding you can always feed formula milk while takeoff and landing.
  • If baby doesn’t want to drink, let them eat or chew something so that there’s constant mouth movement and less pressure build-up
  • The most convenient way to calm down baby while air travel is to offer baby some powered sugar,easily available with airplane crew, in small amounts so that baby sucks the sugar and ears do not get blocked with air pressure. Baby will enjoy sweetness of sugar and remain calm and happy during take off and landing. Mostly babies do not take milk or any food when they are uncomfortable but they can be offered sugar without any fuss and same can be carried along or demanded from staff anytime.

Special thanks to:

Asma Na, Divya Chandrasekhar Yashwanth, Esha G Madan, Payal Mehta Diwanji, Dr Anchal Singh, Alishaa Saim Jaffrey, Durga Reddy, Vijaya Kumar Srivastav, Anita Seemar Mahi, Anjali Singh Suri, Nidhi Sharma, Zuba Imran, Bharati Mahapatra, Deepika Balaji, Divya Khullar Oberoi, Rohini Singla Bagla, Aditi Das, Ashmita Lahiri, Sherina Roshan, Nishita Verma, Mrinali Pal, Khan Zeenat, Nidhi Basu, Neha Kumra, Aastha Ankur Srivastav, Mumsphere, Inie Minie, Pranjali Dange Giver


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