Encouraging Kids To Learn The Right Way

Babyways2babiesAs your kids start school, whether it’s pre-school, Montessori, or the primary, there’s one thing you can’t escape – the world of learning and education.

While some parents feel that education is equivalent to learning, and that cramming up books is the best way to let your kids ‘learn’, this is not really the reality.

While education is almost always about learning what’s in the book, ‘learning’ in itself is more about learning from many other sources from life. While books do provide tons of knowledge and information and are a great source of letting your child gain an insight into the world, there are many other ways by which you can really make your kid learn.

As your child begins school, no matter which level, there will come a time when they will be required to show their aptitude and knowledge in multiple areas. And this doesn’t always have to be bookish knowledge.

Kids are by nature inquisitive, they tend to ask questions that we, as adults, may not ever have thought of, but come to think of it, these questions make lots of sense. One of the first and most important way of helping your child learn is by talking to them, by answering their queries and by acknowledging their curiosity and communicating with them freely. If you keep the channels of communication open and if your child can talk to you with ease about anything, that will be a great basis of helping them learn along the way.

To truly let your child learn, you need to encourage them to think and observe things on their own. Of course as a parent, you will be guiding them in many things along the way, but what you should ideally aim for is to let them be free-thinkers, to let them look at things through their own eyes and figure out solutions and answers.

Another way to let your let your kids learn themselves is to not spoon-feed information and experiences all the time as a parent, but to let them experience situations, let them fail and work it out again. By failing and trying to overcome the failure and do it all over again with a new approach, they will learn many important lessons in life. Each age comes with its own set of challenges – let them face it.

Reading to your child from different sources is a great way to open their eyes and minds to the world around them. By giving them a wide view of the world, you will automatically be increasing their interest in the world of books, and by including different books in their lives other than the plain syllabus books you will also show them that there is much to be learned outside the course too. Of course, there needs to be a fine balance, and it’s up to you as a parent to make sure your kids don’t only want to read the ‘other’ books and give syllabus books a miss!

For the many assignments and homework that your kid will now be a part of, encourage and instill curiosity and interest. Show them that books in the syllabus can be fun too. If your child isn’t getting the right amount of interest in the course books, sit with them and show them the same book with a new and different perspective. Form a schedule and sit together to read through the school books. Instead of making homework time boring and scary, make it interesting and something to look forward to.

There are many ways you can help and encourage your kids to learn the right way. Talk to them, involve them in discussions, throw them ideas and situations and ask their opinion. Of course everything needs to be done in a way that will appeal to their age, and you, as the parent, will be the best judge..

Happy learning!


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