Checklist For School: Here’s What You Absolutely Need

draft_lens4358582module30935172photo_1242328486girl_backpackParents, the schools have begun, and so has your routine of getting back to school as well.

While for some of you, school days are a practice now, if your child has already attended school in previous session(s), for some, it’s the first-time of taking baby to school.

With so much to take care of, there are bound to be moments when you may forget something, or realise at the last moment that something is missing. To avoid any such issues and to make sure that things are sorted in advance, here’s a quick checklist of what you should stock up on for your kids’ school time:

1. Stationery: Pencils, erasers and sharpeners are always best bought in bigger packs. Your child will need these each day and most of them will be lost a number of times. It makes sense to keep a stack of these at home.

2. Colours: Again, getting a stack of these always makes sense as your kids will probably break/lose most of these a lot. Buy crayons, sketch pens, water colours, paint brushes, art paper and activity sets as required by your child’s school routine.

3. Extra sets of handkerchiefs: These are always needed and you would want to get a pack that can be used over a period of days. Also, if your child is a beginner and a toddler, you’ll need to fasten these with baby safety-pins.

4. Pairs of extra school socks, especially in the rainy season.

5. Extra school ribbons will be needed if the school has a uniform colour policy on hair accessories, especially ribbons.

6. Raincoat in your child’s size…most schools do not allow kids to carry umbrellas, and wearing a rain coat is safer and will ensure your child is completely dry.

Some additional things that are good to keep:

  • an extra school bag for those times when your child may completely soil the school bag they carry
  • some energy drink at home for after-school moments when your child comes home tired and exhausted, especially in summers
  • a pair of floaters if its rainy season – many schools allow kids to wear floaters instead of proper school shoes to let feet dry off easily
  • glue sticks – for the many pictures you may need to put up on school forms that keep coming during months after school has begun, and also for the activity time
  • A-4 size papers
  • envelopes for those times when you need to send money or letter to the school
  • name stickers for putting up on school books and any other belonging that your child will be carrying to school



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