Quick Makeup And Care Tips For The Monsoon Mamma

makeup-in-the-rainMoms, it’s monsoon time, and as you’re busy managing so many aspects in life – home, family, kids, work and all – here are a few quick tips that will help you keep that happy face a bit glammed up with ease….After all, looking a bit extra good doesn’t need a reason, does it? 🙂

1. The first thing to keep in mind is to go light and easy on the makeup. You don’t want to layer your skin with products, especially the face. While monsoon is generally cool, it’s also equally humid, and chances of makeup meltdown are immense. Keep it light and easy.

2. Waterproof it. Choose your products wisely. Go for products that are waterproof, especially eyeliner, kaajal and mascara.

3. Smokey eyes are a cool hit each monsoon. Use shades of black, brown, grey, purples, bronzes and chocolates to heat up the monsoon evenings.

4. Opt for eye pencils instead of liquid eyeliners as these will stay on better and longer and wont be as messy as the liquid ones, especially if you get caught in the rain.

5. Keep the lips light if you’re going for a dark, heavy or smokey eye look. While opting for nudes, make sure you select colours that don’t make you look washed-out or pale. Remember, nude look does not mean looking deathly, go for colours like light pinks, peaches, light plums and pale browns.

6. Brighten up the lips with a darker red or pink if you are keeping the eyes bare or very less colour. Monsoon is about clouds and greys, so having a bit of colour on the face is always nice.

7. If you’re using a face powder or compact, make sure you use one that’s matte and not cream-based, as cream-based can start to meltdown in humidity.

8. If you’re sure of stepping out in the rain, do not blow dry your hair as it will make them excessively dry and frizzy, especially if the weather is humid. Let it air-dry.

9. If using a blush, go for a cream-based one as it’s easier to clean it up in case you get wet. It won’t leave any messy patches behind and will stain off nicely.

10. Don’t oil your hair too much during the rains, instead, opt for a nice shampoo and conditioner routine every alternate day to keep any damp smell at bay.





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