Toddler With Thin Hair? SOS Moms Reply

HairThis week, mommy Farzana Suhail shared her worries about her kids aged 4 & 6 years who have thin hair. Her doctor has advised her to not oil the hair. She asked FirstCry to talk to other mums and dads and get some advice and suggestions. Here’s what the parents suggested:

  • In an empty bottle mix in olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, amla oil and almond oil in equal quantities. Apply it every alternate night
  • Do not shave off your child’s head again and again. Many Indian families believe that shaving off a child’s head repeatedly will result in better hair growth, but this is not scientifically proven
  • Take care of your child’s diet
  • Check with the child’s doctor about iron supplements if they are fussy eaters
  • Wash hair 2 times a week with curd
  • Castor and sesame oil when mixed and applied give smooth and thick hair
  • Try some homeopathy medication as they have mild tonics for hair problems in kids and have no side effects
  • Apply desi ghee on the hair and massage
  • Give cod liver oil capsules
  • Please follow the doctor’s guidelines. This is a phase and shall pass
  • Give kids a high protein diet

FC Says:  One of the most important things that we would like all parents to keep in mind is that all kids are different and comparing your child to other kids will always bring up areas of concern, though there may not really be anything to worry about. Kids go through different phases in life. While some may have no hair at birth, others may be born with a shock of thick hair. While some have great volume as they grow up, others may have thin and dull hair. But parents – this is all a phase and as with growth and development, there are many changes that will take place. The main thing to keep in mind is to make sure that your child is eating properly and a well-balanced diet is a must. Also, there are many myths related to bringing up kids, especially in the Indian society, and shaving off a child’s hair to ensure better hair growth is a myth, without any scientific backing. If your child is already under medical guidance, it’s advisable to keep in mind what the doctor suggested (in this case, not to oil the hair). There may be many reasons – while other parents tell you that oiling hair is good (and it is) there may be a reason why the doctor has advised against it for your children. We thank all parents for their suggestion and time, but we also suggest that whatever you do, please also keep in mind the advice of the doctor.

Special thanks:

Alia Maricar, Shivani Sud Thakur, Sheena Talwar, Saloni Kapadia, Iesha Gandotra Pathania, Nishita Verma, Meenakshi Vaibhav Agarwal, Sharika Sultana, Akhila Karthik, Sakina Saifee Katabjiwala


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