Toddler Doesn’t Have Teeth Yet? SOS Moms Reply

cut-ones-teeth-onMom Sutiksha Devliyal is worried about her 15 month old son who does not have any teeth yet. As per her doctor’s advice she has been giving her little one Calcium since he was 7 months old. She asked us to help her out with this and as we posed the question to our parents on the SOS Mom forum.

Before we move on to the suggestion by parents, at FirstCry, we would like to remind parents once again that every baby has a different age of achieving the many milestones that will come along the way. In this case, different babies get teeth at different months, and while most babies are born toothless, there are some who are even born with teeth! So when it comes to babies, nothing is certain and there shouldn’t be comparisons made too soon.

Also, while there are parents who may suggest medicines, whether homeopathy or otherwise, we always recommend you talk to baby’s doctor first before giving any kind of medicine or treatment. Also, where babies and toddlers are concerned, many issues can be solved with time, without any need of medication, so it’s also okay to give baby some time and wait and watch. And always, a healthy diet and lots of love and attention solves most of baby worries 🙂

And now, here’s what the parents on the SOS Forum had to say:

  • Give calciral calicioum, as per doctor’s suggestion, its natural and should come around the 18mnth
  • Let baby bite on hard vegetables such as carrots
  • Give Dentonic 3 times 3tab. It’s homeopathy and has no side effects
  • Get a check up or x ray done to understand if there’s any medical help needed
  • Give calceria phos tablets
  • My daughter also got her teeth late and she is 2 now but still some of her teeth are missing. It is also generally because of lack of calcuim. So take suggestion from your doctor too – mum Sheena Luthra
  • Start giving BC 21 tablets – these are homeopathic
  • Include lots of milk and curd in baby’s diet
  • Baby’s teeth can come up to 18 months, before that there is nothing to worry. Till then make sure you give proper calcium in the form of milk, cheese, curd etc.
  • My son was 18 months wen he got his first tooth, we did take him to a pediatric dentist and he looked him over and told us that all the teeth were there and under the gums they needed their own time to come out. And sure enough 1 month later he started with his first and just one right after another got out and now he is 23 months and has all the teeth. If u can rub a fingerful honey over his gums everyday in the morning it works – mum Bhawana Srivastava
  • Give banana every day and more milk

Special thanks to

Palak Gadani Vaghela, Renuka Iyengar, Maya Silavat, Rupal Ralph, Rajan Sakshi Gupta, Shobhna Upyukt Agarwal, Sheena Luthra, Sakina Saifee Katabjiwala, Khushbu Rawal, Vanela Kohli, Saurabh Upadhyay, Kishu Sachin Wadhwa, Bhawana Srivastava, Saily Datta, Jyoti Moni Neog Saikia, Pallavi Singh, Preeti Parashar, Pruthwa Singhdeo, Sonal Pandey, Shilpy Srivastava, Ankita Choudhary, Nidhi Basu, Chitra Adhikari, Marian Corera


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  1. Thanks for the clarification. I have seen people getting too much bothered about their kid’s milk teeth. But this is moreover dependent on the metabolism and other factors. So , the best suggestion would be to give some time to the child while continuing proper diet.

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