DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

5d4e94c753290c8575a5e1ac15c8adf2(*all pics courtesy Pinterest and Google Images, FirstCry holds no right to ownership of the same)

Mums, it’s almost here…..Father’s Day! So it’s on the 16th of June this 2013.

There’s a lot of options out there that you can pick up at the stores, but what’s more fun is creating something for dad along with your little one. We loved these ideas online!

Trust us, these handmade DIY things are what daddy will cherish most.

Here are the top 10 DIY ideas we loved…..


Cute collages like this are sure to take a place of pride on any daddy’s home wall. Depending on your child’s age, you can let them use their creativity and ideas.

If your baby is to small, use some fun ideas around the house, put in some props, or even do some basic picture editing software and create your own collages.


Hand made coffee mug for daddy is a great way to wake him each morning with a big smile to match 🙂

Let your child splash on some colour and paint…handpaints are a cute way to remember those tiny hands years later!

If your child can write, let them write out a special message for papa….


Or maybe a mug with your little one and daddy’s cute pics on it!

Additionally, you can let your kid hand paint the remaining parts of the mug to give it a more personal DIY touch.


Cute, isn’t it? Do as many variations as you want 🙂


Makes for a great frame-it-up on daddy’s desk!


Absolutely cute, isn’t it?


If daddy likes his books, this is something you could create with your kid’s help!


And a great way to help daddy store his stationery on the office desk…..


What better way to permanently hold your baby’s first foot print than this?

5cead06ac3e956ae9d82a99043240f46A great way to keep those kiddie hand prints always close to daddy’s heart!


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