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9077a048ded5b8a953d2c974585fb079Mommy Nancy’s 14 month old baby does not swallow his food and keeps it in his mouth for long. She says, “I have tough time feeding him, even if he’s busy with his toys.”

We asked all the special mommies and daddies out there to share their expert advice to help her. Here’s what we got:

  • My son is 10months now. I give him tamarind chutney in between his food, he likes the taste. Don’t feed too much, just a little bit should do – says mum Akhila Kasturi
  • You may be feeding baby-food that is thick. Dilute it and he will swallow.
  • My son also behaves in the same manner.I give him curd, butter milk etc when he keeps his bite of food in his mouth – says mum Monika Gupta
  • For older babies, some moms who give them a sip of water so all the food is swallowed.
  • Give more and more mashed and semi solid food
  • Either you also accompany the child and eat together, so that the child can follow you, or distract by some games or music or sounds and keep feeding.
  • My baby is 9month old now. I started solid food and water after 6th month. Till then only breast feed, now she eats everything we eat. I don’t cook anything different for her. I generally cook mild not very spicy. So there is no problem at all. She eats dal, rice with ghee, dal khichadi, poha , upma, sheera, all vegetables ( lady finger, tendli, gavar etc) moong chapati. Plus I also give her ragi satva 1 bowl. Mango, banana, papaya. Doctor also suggested curdrice to be very healthy. And water.Plus breast feeding.
  • Give your daughter something that she would love to eat. Mix it with food that you want to give her, so she will chew and swallow her food well.
  • Show your baby how to chew and sallow by opening your own mouth and doing it. Encourage your child to do the same, talk with your baby about it. Conversation is very important between a mother and baby.
  • I distract my nephew with lights, birds, dogs, just anything (except more food) will distract a baby and he will unconsciously chew and eat his food.
  • The best way is to put food in baby’s mouth and distract to do something else, baby will eat in minutes. I keep asking my 18 months old daughter about plants, birds, making sounds and then she ends up eating all her food. Most of the time this trick works – says mum Jayshree Banerjee
  • I make my baby girl eat sometimes. I make funny moves or sing a poem for her and make sure she laughs and swallows her food. Keep a water bottle next to the baby always and never overfeed the baby, the next spoon should only go in their mouth once the previous one is swallowed – says dad Ankit Srivastava
  • Kids always follow and observe our activities, so first you eat one spoon of food and feed them. The basic things to develop in a child are patience and encouragement. Even if the child he fails 10 times, don’t worry, just encourage them every time, surely it will help your child to pick up the things faster and clearer
  • I taught my baby by saying yum-yum-yum-yum.. it is more like a chewing action. So he understands and imitates – says mum Jayashankari Pradeep

With special thanks to:

Akhila Kasturi, Pooja Chopra Bardia, Monika Gupta, Sayali Dwivedi, Inderpreet Kaur, Smiley Ghatoura, Vanela Kohli, Sonali Keer, Sakina Saifee Katabjiwala, Kumutha Kannan, Vishaalini Vidya Arun, Jayshree Banerjee, Ankit Srivastava, Selvarani Ganesan,



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  1. when they are hungry,then feed them.

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