Fun Daddy Baby Things To Do This Month

father-and-baby-01Yes yes…it’s the month of daddies…yeah! 🙂

So even as we tell you what are some of the really cool daddy-kiddie things to do together, we know you’re already doing most of it…we’re just trying to be a bit more acknowledging out here, what with talking to mommies all the time and saying only they know best 😉

Of course we know that you’re the main fun quotient in your little one’s life…we’ve been told this by many dads, over and over again….and with weekends especially being daddy time more than the week, it’s no surprise that a dad is a kid’s main fun-factor when it comes to the two parents (mommies, stop being jealous for a while, we’ll make it up to you too) 😉

So, without getting into the debate further, let’s for the moment keep it at this – that dads ARE the main fun-factors in a child’s life, and here are a few fun things daddies and kiddies can do together to keep that fun bond strong and kicking!!!???????????????????????????????????????????

Daddies, get out those swimming trunks and the little baby floats and head out…right now!

If you have a swimming pool in your building, it’s the perfect way to spend your evening and weekends. Especially great if you can teach your child how to swim! Nothing works best than a dad teaching you those basics.

And if you can’t swim, why not join a weekend swimming class with your child?


Quite a few of your childhood memories may revolve around the time when your dad taught you how to balance that cycle and ride it…it’s time you give your child those memories too!






Reading comics is fun, and reading it with your kid is even more fun…for you as well as for the kid 🙂





You don’t have to be a soccer dad….just taking your kid to the local park and playing with a ball is good enough…could be cricket, football, catch and throw…anything basically!








imagesYou may be tired at the end of the day, and there’s no better way to unwind and relax than play with your little one…..if you have a toddler or baby at home, there are different ways you can play and have fun….bring out the building blocks, the train sets, the creating toys and play play play…even before you realise, both you and your kiddo will be looking forward to these special evening ritauls!







Okay, and the playstation and X-box games and online gaming too 🙂








h-armstrong-roberts-father-feeding-baby-girl-sitting-in-high-chair_i-G-56-5630-IK6MG00ZMake it a point to try and have at least one meal of the day with your kid – breakfast, evening snack or dinner, whatever you can. Even helping your baby with a bottle of milk once a day is a great way to strengthen and nurture that bond!






getty_rm_photo_of_father_with_babyBring out the story books and make it a daily bedtime ritual. Read stories, create stories, make up stories, enact stories – and remember to use that special daddy voice while reading 🙂






There is absolutely soooo much more you and your kid can do together, and each father-baby relationship has their own special rituals and things they love to do together. So tell us what’s your special thing to do with your kid 🙂

Have fun Dads!



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