Does Maalish (Massage) Help In The Muscle Development Of Babies: SOS Mom Forum

Baby massage  collectionThis week mum Nilima Mehta wanted your expert advice. She asked, “Will ‘Maalish’ help in the muscle development of my 6 month old baby?”

As we always believe in and say, ‘Mother Knows Best’, so here are the helpful tips, suggestions and advice from other real mommies who came forward to help with mum Nilima’s query on our SOS Mom Forum.

  • maalish should begin right after birth. Infact, doctors suggest that it begin post reaching home.
  • maalish or massage helps in blood circulation and also helps keeping the baby warm outside the mother’s womb.
  • a great source of touch therapy and extremely helpful to baby’s overall development.
  • helps the skin become soft and shed the scaly texture and also muscles being stronger and developed.
  • massage legs and hands in a circular manner, like holding a bangle. Also, go for straight strokes which makes the bones very strong.
  • maalish also helps in weight gain.
  • maalish should be done with light hands initially and with little bit of pressure later on like about 2-3 months of age.
  • helps kids fall asleep and get a nice deep sleep
  • toddlers also need a warm massage as it’s very relaxing. You can easily continue for your baby of 18 months. It can be easily done it til 3-4 years at least and definitely more
  • if your baby is always on the move and doesn’t let you massage properly, just rub the legs nicely at night with oil.
  • mustard oil is considered the best oil for massage, especially in Indian homes.
  • in winters you can use til (sesame) ka tel but it tends to get a bit too oily and sticky.
  • Massage is one of the best ways to keep baby wawm. Small babies are always in a sleeping position which causes body ache, massage helps in relieving this ache
  • a great way to create a bond between mom and baby – especially with the ‘mother’s touch’
  • Massage helps your baby sleep more peacefully.
  • very helpful in skin development.
  • helps relax babies
  • benefits like helping baby sleep, helping baby walk/crawl faster/better
  • very helpful for baby’s muscle growth.
  • Mum Poonam Ganesh says: I did it for my son from day 10 onwards till 1.5 years. By God’s grace he is a 2.8 years old and a strong grown up boy now
  • maalish can continue at least till the time baby is about to walk. It really builds up their muscles and relaxes their tired feet after a whole day of getting up and walking and falling on their bums:)
  • malish makes babies strong, bacause it exercises their muscles and helps maintain their flexibility. It also is a bonding experience for the baby and parent; the loving and gentle touch gives the baby a feeling of security.
  • make it a habit of doing maalish twice – once before bath and again at night before sleeping
  • Massage starts right from the beginning as soon as baby completes 1 month. In some cases, it can start just after a week of birth. It varies from baby to baby, according to their weight and physical condition.
  • Lukewarm coconut oil is the best. Olive oil is also a good option, or some other baby oil, depending on what suits the baby.
  • First 3 months the “maalish” should be done with very very tender hands and after that the baby can take slightly rough maalish which makes their bones stronger.
  • Says Mum Tina Chowdhury Negi: I’ve done the same as above and I’m very satisfied. My daughter will complete her 3 years this August. Till date, I give her a good “maalish” with coconut oil before bath and Johnsons baby milk lotion after bath.
  • the oil enters baby’s skin making it soft and moisturised
  • Says Mum Vijayalakshmi Shanmugasundaram: We use J&J oil and boiled coconut oil (any standard brand) with milk interchangeably. Half litre of coconut oil must be boiled with half litre of any low fat milk on low flame till milk is reduced to granules. Filter and use the oil. Cheap and best!

Special thanks to:

Abha Dutt Sharma, Shama Shilpi Mukesh, Meenu Jain, Jennifer Gandhi S Peter, Aarti Jalan Kedia, Preeti Vyas Parashar, Nishu Jain Garg, Nitika Singh, Smiley Ghatoura, Poonam Ganesh, Pankhuri Singh, Akshaya Dinesh Sawant, Krishna S Mandal, Deepti Dani, Priyam Srivastava, Navdeep Sokhi, Sejal Mutha, Sandhya Mishra, Kumutha Kannan, Nisha Samnani, Sonu Chhetry, Pooja Jain, Neelam Das, Kanchan Gupta, Jas Saini, Sanjit Roy, Tina Chowdhury Negi, Inie Minie, Kareena Narwani, Vijayalakshmi Shanmugasundaram, Asmita Chatterjee, Nidhi Soni, Sakshi Sethi Khanna, Sudha Amit Thakur, Sakina Saifee Katabjiwala, Gauri Prabhu Kamat, Mariya Bhagat, Nainika Makan, Minakshi Sharma, Meetal Amish Sheth, Asha Kumari, Natasha Dias, Priyanka Herdhan, Swati Patle,Maya Silavat, Simmi Sinha


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