Daddies – The Changing Face of Parenting


(*image for representation purpose only. Pic courtesy Pinterest.

Hi mommies,

I usually always talk to you – the mom – don’t I?

So today, for a change, I want to focus on that silent, quiet strength behind your baby’s life that’s always present as a strong force, but mostly in the background. Of course you know who I’m talking about.

The Dad!

Well, accept it mums – with the changing face of parenthood and new ideas and methods of parenting coming to the fore, another huge change that’s come up big time in this modern age of parenting is the new face of parenting – the dads!

While we, as mothers, may still feel that we are the ones who know best when it comes to looking after our babies (and we’re not denying that), it’s true that dads today have rolled up their sleeves and taken up this job as something that they are really proud of.

Think back a generation and you’ll be surprised to think of all those dads then who would shy away from all baby duties, and would be uncomfortable if caught doing any of the ‘mommy’ things that was clearly the work of moms.

Not anymore.

Today, if you look around, you see dads all around you, handling babies with as much love, care and understanding as the moms – okay, maybe a little lesser than mums, but still, in a great way nonetheless.

So be it at the park, the swimming pool, the school PTM, the hobby class or even shopping with your kiddie at the mall, the dad and baby duo is everywhere to see and smile at 🙂

At home too, more and more dads are gearing up for daddy duties like never before. Be it changing the diaper, feeding the bottle or giving baby a bath or helping with bedtime, dads today are doing it all! And yes, we, as mothers, must admit that it surely feels good. Coz not only is this a great time and age for daddies and babies to bond like never before, it’s also a great way for the mommy to take some time off from being the super-mommy that she always is.

So mums this month, the month of Fathers, let’s look at our partners and give them that much-deserved applause and pat on the back that they truly deserve.

And remember, if you still feel they aren’t doing it as well as you can, give it a break mums 😉 they’ll sure handle it!


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