Tips For Air And Car Travel With Baby

c62aa20163afe89b6ed536f36a5d16e5Summers are all about heading out, and while you may be planning your trip already, here are a few things you need to keep in mind while traveling with your little one by air or car.

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  • Remember to pre-reserve your seat on the flight so that you get your choice of seat – it always helps while traveling with a baby
  • Preferably go for a seat that’s closer to the washrooms – it’s easier in case you need to change baby’s diapers or if baby wants to use the washroom
  • Inform the airlines beforehand that there will be a baby on board
  • Book a baby/child meal at the time of booking your flight
  • Carry some milk or food supplements
  • Baby wipes
  • Sanitizer
  • Carry some cotton buds for baby to ease the pain during take-off and landing
  • Baby lotion as skin tends to get dry inside the flight cabin
  • Feed baby during take-off and landing to ease the pain. Alternatively, you can give baby a bottle of water to suck from, as sucking will help ease the air pressure in the ears and make it less painful for your child
  • Carry a pacifier
  • A baby toy
  • Carry an extra set of baby clothes for the airport/craft
  • Carry a baby blanket
  • Carry a jacket
  • Make sure you strap in baby in the car seat if you’re traveling by car – some airlines also allow using a baby seat so check beforehand

Products that will make it easier while traveling with baby:


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