Does Your Baby’s Sleep Get Affected At Night Due To Hunger and Diaper Changes? SOS Moms Reply

53458cc8bac4343ee2ccd13599e77682Mommy Samira’s 1.5 year old baby does not sleep well at night because she gets hungry frequently and often needs to be changed. We asked on our SOS Moms forum for some advice and tips to help her. Here are the main points that can help:

  • Give baby an evening massage and follow it with a lukewarm bath
  • Minimise baby’s sleep in the day time
  • Encourage more free play and physical activities in the day and give a proper scheduled feed
  • Feed your baby every two hours with milk or other nutritious food items
  • Create a soothing bed time envirinmnt
  • Reduce lights and instead, use a night lamp
  • When baby wakes up at night don’t talk or play with baby, even if baby wants to, instead, slowly encourage baby back to sleep again
  • Give baby some heavy and filling food in the last feed of the day
  • Mum Preeti Vyas Parashar’s routine for her 1.5 year old daughter: Around 8pm I daily feed her dinner (half chapati with dal and curd). After dinner, we go to the garden for a light walk. This makes her food get digested better. At 10pm I make her sleep with a cup full of milk. I also make her pee before she sleeps.
  • Try using diapers in the night, especially pant-styled ones because they are soft and will keep baby dry.
  • Give baby dinner around 1 and half hours before sleep time. This will give enough time to digest the food and baby may sleep well
  • A proper food chart and proper caring is the best solution.
  • Don’t let baby’s stomach be empty or thirsty during the daytime as well as before bed.
  • Bring baby under a proper time table for feeding & playing as well as sleeping.
  • Create a night atmosphere followed by your lullaby (or the kid’s favourite soothing song).
  • Lie down with the child with slight patting, and also let him/her feel that mommy is sleeping with him/her.
  • Don’t forget to make the child pee before going to bed.
  • If your baby is using diapers, make sure baby is rash-free

Special thanks:

Pankil choudhary, Preeti Vyas Parashar, Bhavya Ranadive, Khushbu Bhattacharjee, Kunal Rana, Aparna Suri, Jayshree Banerjee, Dhanya V Anoop, Sonia Kaur, Ranjini Ramesh, Fatimun Nisa, Preeti Sharma, Poonam Saxena, Ishani Pathak Bhardwaj, Imran Khan, Sheetal Bennur, Simmi Sinha, Sabina Goyal, Divya Chandrasekhar Yashwanth


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