Fun Summer Indoor Activity For Kids

Summer time mommies and you’re already dreading the TV time – the constant running around with the remote, the shouting, scolding, crying and finally, running out of ideas about what to do with your little one to help them out of boredom, yet keep them indoors.

While different kids have different interests, here are a few fun ideas for summer activities that your child can easily participate in indoors:

d8179c4abdf918b794c24aa03d4ef433Make a scrapbook:

There are many kiddie scrapbooks available in the market that kids can use on their own. Let your child make their own special journal, with tidbits and secrets stashed in.


Reading: Get your child interested in reading as much as you can. Not only will this be a great past time activity during the summer holidays, it will also immensely benefit your child later in class and may turn into a life-long activity.


Tent Treat: It’s really easy, and if you don’t want to buy a kiddie tent, you can always make it more fun and interesting by using old sheets at home. Get creative and give your child little tasks to do to help with creating the ‘setting’.


Audio Books: Introducing your child to the concept of audio books is also a great idea.


Puppet Time: Use the different toys at home to create your own puppet show. For more fun, ask other children to bring in their own toys from home. Go for finger-puppets, hand puppets, stick puppets, string puppets, shadow puppets – depending on the age of the child.

dba8c458ef476632413098f7ca8b5687Indoor Picnic: A great idea for any kid. Call over friends, pack some easy home-made snacks and let them have a picnic right inside the room!


Art and Craft: There’s so much to be done with a simple piece of paper, a pair of scissors, some glue and added accessories. Let your kid explore the world of art and craft this summer.


Summer Pool: You don’t need to have a bath-tub at home or even a swimming pool for this one. You can easily buy one of the kiddie pools for your kids, or better still, let them soak inside a big bucket/tub of water.


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