Balanced Diet For A 04-Month Old: SOS Moms

Mommy Hafeeza Khan Ansari wanted expert advice on giving her baby a balanced diet.  She says, “Please give me a proper food chart for my 4 month old baby”.

Mommies, FirstCry has always believed in and stressed the importance about ‘Breast Milk Is Best’, and here, even before we could say much, the unanimous vote went to exclusive breastfeeding till the baby turns 6 months….Clearly mommies, you all do know best!


Here’s what parents on our SOS Moms forum had to say:

  • exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for complete 6months
  • at 4 months baby only needs only milk, weaning starts from 6 months
  • Milk is the only thing you can give your baby at the age of 4 months. you can introduce semi solid food once she completes 6 months
  • My little twins turned 6 months recently and I introduced them to crushed biscuits in milk (marie gold), cerelac, ragi, rice water, moongdal ka pani, boiled n mashed apple,banana& potato.
  • breastfeed her every two to three hours as that is the best diet for your 4months old as doctors also recommend exclusive breastfeeding till the age of 6 months
  • Please start giving food once your baby turns 6 months old, as of now you should give milk only
  • Only Breast feeding is best for the first complete 6 months
  • your baby only needs breastfeeding for first six months
  • only mother’s milk till 6 months
  • Breast feeding should happen till at least 6 months and then dal and rice water and fruit,and semi food parle biscuit in milk
  • Introduce food only after six months, breast feeding is must for 2 years
  • Introduce food only after 6 months
  • I started giving dal water with only salt, rice water with formula feed from six months. Slowly I added cerelac, carrot and palak soup, banana, papaya and apple. Palak and papaya are good with formula feed to avoid constipation. My twins are 10 1/2 months
  • baby needs only breast milk for first six months because breast milk contains all the nutrients, no need of water also once baby will complete her six months you can start with a small banana, until then dont give anything else because baby need six months to build immune system

Special Thanks:

Namrata Samel Dixit, Marean Corera, Aditi Krishnan, Aastha Jain Agarwal, Shama Desai, Kuljeet Kaur, Arthi Kishore, Anshika Mehta, Kirti Jethava, Arsh Khan, Ruchi Bedre, Prajakta Sawant Kotkar, Priya Bhatia, Khutaija Farheen, Shilpa Pattnaik, Sonia Tandon Kapoor, Sakina Zariwala, Preeti Vyas Parashar, Akshara Seth, Kriti SG, Sheetal Handa, Sakina Saifee Katabjiwala, Manisha Koul Raina, Harshana Somkuwar, Almaas Hussain, Khushi Balani, Vanela Kohli, Srinjini Banerjee


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