Fun Mother Daughter Things To Do This Mother’s Day

8123eb529ba1bdcd5147d2688836816eMommies…..its almost here…MOTHER’S DAY!!!!!

While we believe each day is Mother’s Day and each day is special, there’s nothing like having some extra attention and pampering on D-Day, right?

So here we give you a list of some really fun stuff you can do with your little girl this Mother’s Day…go on, indulge, enjoy and feel special, that too with your little one in tow, the one who’s rightfully given you the privilege of enjoying this day as a mommy! 🙂

(* all pics have been sourced from Pinterest and Google images and any issues of copyright are purely unintentional. FirstCry does not claim any rights to these pictures, and if you are the owner of any images used here and would like them to be pulled off, do drop in a comment here and we will do so at the earliest)

e483c4fde90d6acfd522beb5744d4947Camping:If you haven’t tried this out yet, trust us, it’s a really fun thing to do…..especially if it’s just you and your daughter! While camping is actually best done out in the field somewhere, you don’t need to go that far. If you have a garden, spacious balcony or terrace at home, this is a great thing to do. Set up your tent and stock it up with some supplies like food, books, board games etc., basically things that your daughter and you can enjoy doing together.

0f8357_9a95cf1ce0844d669f8604d386387fc2.jpg_1024At the Spa: A day at the spa is always fun, right? This Mother’s Day, make it even more fun and giggly by taking your daughter along and booking you both a session. Make sure you tell your beautician beforehand that your little girl will be coming with you, so that she knows what products to use. Go for a nice facial and face mask, of course you can give your daughter a ‘kiddie’ face mask that’s put on more for fun. Go the whole way by placing rose pads or cucumber slices on her eyes so that she has all the fun too!

Hairstylist combing hairHaircut: Getting a new look is always cool, isn’t it? And this Mother’s Day, we suggest you go for a new haircut with your daughter. Another great way to make it even more fun is to have some elements of the hair cut same for both you and your daughter, depending on your girl’s age. you can go for similar lengths, bob styles, bangs, fringes, layers or cuts that look similar. Choose according to your child’s age, keeping in mind that she will be wearing this cut at school too.


Vacation: Book yourself and your daughter a weekend getaway! Go to a nearby destination if your girl is small and you don’t want to travel far with her. Opt for a nice beach, a quiet hill destination, a resort that has fun activities for children and adults alike…basically, you can select your place and hotel depending on your own preferences, keeping in mind that you’ll be traveling with a kid. But before you book, make sure to check up the place, or better still, go to a place you’ve been before, to keep things safe and easy.


Go Shopping: And better still, get yourself and your daughter a matching pair of dress! Go all out with accessories, bags, shoes and more fun stuff….What better reason to shop than on Mother’s Day, right ladies?


Paint Those Nails: Adorable is the word here! Get yourself and your daughter a fun pedicure at your local beauty salon, or if your darling is too young, do it at home with her!


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