Toddler Not Walking? SOS Moms

2786832682df80a8bd3922a28b2cf5c0Mommy Deepshika’s 1.4 year old son has not started walking yet and this is worrying her. She says that he can walk with support and climb on the bed and chairs. She wants to know if this is normal and how she can teach her son to walk on his own.

Mommies you know best and you can give her the best advice. So here’s what you suggest:

  • The child will begin walking when he is ready. It is best not to compare his progress with that of other children his age
  • Nothing to worry. Try giving some food which the child likes most and stand a bit far. Then ask him to come to take the food. He will atleast try. Its ok even if he falls down.
  • Most moms usually lack patience. Just wait and watch, soon your child will start to run
  • Don’t worry. Some kids start walking early, some late. Hold your child’s hands and help walk slowly. Do it all the time
  • If there is constantly no walking, consult the doctor
  • It’s a natural process, the baby will learn walking sooner or later. Just let him practice by holding his hands. Keep showing some toys to him from a distance and try making him stand in a triangular corner of the house, he will soon learn
  • Every baby is different. Do not compare him with anybody else and do not set parameters. The baby will learn to walk in its own good, natural time. My girl is 10 months old, but hasn’t started teething yet, but i don’t mind waiting
  • My son has started walking when he was 1.5 years old. I was also very worried but I have heard and experienced also that boys start most milestones a little later than girls. This may not be a scientifically proven thing, but an observation, so dont worry and just relax
  • My daughter started walking when she was 1.3 years old. I was also very tense, so don’t worry, give your child some time
  • My daughter started walking when she was about to complete her second year! So don’t worry and don’t think too much
  • It’s not a matter of concern at all, babies take their own time. If your child has begun walking with support and climbing on the bed and chairs, it means he’s on the right path
  • Try taking your child to a park where he can see children of his age playing and walking. I did it with my baby and he is running now at 1.3 years now
  • I agree with all those who agree on the thought that every child is different, you can’t compare! You yourself wouldn’t like to be compared with someone, so why do it for your baby! Give them time to learn on their own
  • Give a massage on the back and legs twice a day
  • My nephew started walking at the age of 2, so don’t worry as some children walk early and some late
  • My 1.1 year old baby didn’t walk till a few weeks back. But now he has suddenly begun walking fast by using his little chair, so please keep practising
  • My baby’s doctor told me that walking depends on a baby’s weight. Heavier babies walk a little late and that it can also be about 1.6 years till babies start
  • Give your baby a small walker to help assist in the beginning
  • My son had a trolley basket of his toys, which he used to hold and get up. I used to gradually pull it forward so he used to leap to catch it and slowly progressed in few days
  • Put a mattress down on the floor, initially let dad and mom sit on either side starting with a small distance and call the baby. Baby will attempt to walk down to mom, and from mom to dad and again, in a sort of play. Gradually increase the distance and once you feel baby is comfortable, repeat it without mattress
  • Don’t make them wear socks or shoes initially while trying to walk as it might not give a good grip and baby may feel uncomfortable
  • Firstly let your baby walk wid ur finger’s support, and slowly slowly leave d finger. When ur baby will get confidence, will walk

With special thanks to:

Sangeeta Apoorv S., Madhura Kashyap, Aarti Vedpathak, Neethu Mukundan, Shristi Rana, Radhika Dhanrajan, Durga Godbole, Ruchi Luthra Arora, Surabhi Agarwal Burakia, Saba Shirgar, Radhika Sreevikram, Ena Pathak Mitra, Namrata Samel Dixit, Nidhi Pandey, Sally Lds-i Mokan, Sangita Kumar, Kiran Sharma, Papori Sarma Phukan, Sakshi Gupta, Komal Gandhi, Sujata Priyambada, Manju Janarthanan, Rangeel Singh, Kavita Menon Ghosh, Solomon Palani, Suprity Dhingra, Temjen Mongla Jamir, Nilam Rajput, Ameena Sheikh Maheen


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