Worrying About Sending Your Toddler To Playschool? SOS Moms Forum

sad_mom_comforting_childMommy Akruti is anxious and nervous because her 2 year old son is joining a playschool soon! She’s very attached to him and is worried about sending him away even for a few hours.
We asked the mommies and daddies on our SOS Forum on FB about how they and their little one dealt with the first day jitters. Here’s what they had to say and suggest:

  • Mommy knows how to let go, as we need to prepare our child to this world. Play school has lots of games and activities and a child learns through playing. The exposure to a new environment and co-schoolers of the same age kindles an interest in them to learn new things each day and brings a competitive feel as well( we need to convert all the feelings of the child to bring a positive effect in life through proper guidelines).
  • Think of how easy it would be for a child to learn new things everyday – explain this to the child in easy and fun ways.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the mommy-time when the child is away( housekeeping, one’s own interest like Internet, cooking, shopping, going out with friends etc.).
  • When your child is with you give your 100 % by loving , playing , singing rhymes, peek-a-boo, dancing, baking together etc. Your child will love this.
  • Talk to the child about the school, the new friends, the new toys, the new space at the school, say lots of exciting things about about the school.
  • Kids love predictability. If they are aware of what is going to happen they handle it better.
  • Get the kid into a routine. Children love routine and a stability in their days. Set a routine to match the playschool and try and maintain this on a regular basis.
  • Leave your child with the teacher, as they are professionals and are trained to handle small children, especially first-day jitters. Your constant presence around the kid, especially if your child is able to see you around and not go to you will make it difficult for the child to  learn to go to school on their own.
  • Never bribe the child if he/she is crying to not go to school. This may turn to a habit to get a gift each morning.
  • It’s a very difficult time for both the parent and the child to be on their own and be separated from each other initially. Try and tackle the ‘away’ time smartly, in a way that the kid will understand. One of the mommies told her son that she going to make something yummy for him at home, and that he should wait for her with his new classmates. Surprisingly he agreed and they both managed.
  • Don’t let your anxiety rub onto your child. Try to make it fun by giving some fancy bottle or even a sticker or a star on their hand. They will définitely take a week or so to settle down. Don’t panic this is going to be a great learning experience for them.
  • Start talking to your kid about the school a few weeks before joining date. Also, it’s a good idea to drive by the school a few times, and if possible, to go inside and show your kids other kids and teachers and the facilities they will have there. Some schools do allow a ‘pre-visit’ time, so check if that’s allowed.

FC suggests: Not all kids are the same. Each child has a different approach to new people, places and situations. If your child is taking more than others to adjust, don’t worry. Definitely don’t scold, show your anxiety, or make an issue out of it. Give them their own time and pace and they will soon start adjusting, even looking forward to the new routine. All the best mommies and daddies 🙂

With special thanks to:

Appasamy Pradeep, Shilpa Vishal Ranjan, Kirti Sharma Handa, Rukshana Zubin Bodhanwalla, Veni Chaturvedi, Akhila Karthik, Anuradha Pawar-Raghavan, Nazeema Taj, Radhika Dhanrajani, Dhivya Prabhuram


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