“Once I Had My Daughter In My Arms, It Didn’t Matter Things Hadn’t Gone As I’d Planned”: Real Stories on Motherhood


In her first trimester screening, mum Rachel Rosen from the US was told she had a lateral cord insertion, meaning the umbilical cord was attached near the edge of the placenta instead of at the center.

This condition could affect the baby’s growth due to a lack of nutrients, but it was not a major concern as long as she was checked each trimester. At 32 weeks, the specialist said the condition had gotten worse and the cord was now directly on the edge of the placenta. While the baby was still growing, this could cause vasa previa, a condition in which the umbilical cord crosses the birth canal during labor and delivery, making it likely to tear, causing blood loss and a lack of oxygen to the baby. As a result, the doctor scheduled a C-sec delivery for 38 weeks to avoid this potential complication.


At 37 weeks, she mentioned to her doctor that the baby had not been kicking as much.

“I almost didn’t say anything, but I’m glad I did. An ultrasound showed that my amniotic fluid level was low. My fluid level was checked again 48 hours later, and because it had decreased further I was told I would need to deliver the baby within 24 hours. I was shocked because I had mere hours to get ready for major surgery! Plus, I knew it would be a much harder recovery and a less intimate experience. But, once I had my daughter in my arms, it didn’t matter that things hadn’t gone as I had planned.”

*inputs from fitpregnancy


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