“I Never Thought I’d Give Up My Career”: Real Life Stories on Motherhood


*pic for representation purpose only. the article appeared in the magazine Pregnancy & Birth.

Toni Haigh, 30, is a stay-at-home mum. She lives with husband Daniel, 30, who works in finance and children Ellie, 3, and Bethany, 9 months.

“I had a life plan which was that I would work hard in my job as a history lecturer until I was head of department then, at 30, I’d have my first baby. I loved my job and knew I’d found my calling. In 2006, Daniel and I got married. We felt so close. I began wanting to start a family. I can’t fully explain the sudden change.”

“As soon as I held Ellie, I was completely and utterly in love. When she was 11 months old I went back to work part-time. But leaving her at daycare was very hard. I kept phoning to ask how she was doing. I think my main worry was that she would only be a baby for a short time and I wanted to enjoy it. I still got a buzz from teaching but being a mother was more important to me.

Daniel got a new job and we moved. I looked for teaching posts but my focus was on getting pregnant again and within three months it had happened. We quickly realised it would be too expensive to get childcare for two, so now I’m a full-time mum — and absolutely love it. I’ve never been so tired or so happy. And I never thought my career would take a backseat to children. But I’ve found a new calling in life.”


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