19 Kids And Counting!!!! Real Stories On Motherhood


The Duggar family, with American parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, have been featured on a real television series that depicts their everyday life with their 19 kids – 9 girls and 10 boys – all of whom have names beginning with ‘J’.

The Duggar family has been featured on several documentaries and television specials. After their marriage in 1984, the Duggars waited for 4 years before having a baby. After their first baby, Michelle miscarried, and fearing the miscarriage was a result of the birth-control pills she was using, she quit using pills. After some time, Michelle became pregnant, this time with her first set of twins – a boy and a girl. Ever since then, she’s given birth approximately every year and a half!

All the Duggar children have been homeschooled, including both sets – school going children as well as those who’re in college.

The Duggars raise their children using a buddy system, wherein an older sibling is assigned to a younger sibling and assists in the latter’s primary care. According to Michelle, “They help them with their phonics  lessons and games during the day and help them practice their music lessons. They will play with them or help them pick out the color of their outfit that day and just all of those types of things.”

In 2004, Michelle Duggar won the “Young Mother of the Year Award” in Arkansas, USA.

The couple had discussed the possibility of having more children, with Michelle Duggar saying, “We would love more! I’m heading towards 50. I know that my mommy years are probably numbered, and I don’t know how many more children God will see fit to give me. It is something we’ve been praying about because we do love children. Each child really is a gift and that doesn’t mean just our children.”

On November 8, 2011, Michelle Duggar and family appeared on NBC’s Today Show to announce that she was expecting their 20th child, but a month later she miscarried. On March 11, 2013, Josh and Anna Duggar announced they were expecting again and that the baby is due June 2013.


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