Making Your Toddler Getting Used To Drinking From A Glass: SOS Mom Forum

Mom Poonam Saraf’s 5 years old baby girl still drinks milk from a bottle and refuses to drink in a glass. She wanted to know from other mommies how they helped their little ones get used to drinking milk from a glass. Here’s what moms on our SOS Forum had to say:

  • blog1Be kiddish and playful in your approach.Often children do what they see you doing so you can also drink something in a tumbler along with your child.
  • Compete with your child and make stories.
  • Motivate your child for each sip she takes.
  • Let your child select their own cups/mugs. When its milk time, encourage them to make their own drink. .Ask them to select which mug to drink from and add a flavour mix of their own choice. Let them mix it up. The idea is to get them involved in the entire milk process. Show your appreciation and ask your child to show their mug of milk that they made themselves to dad or a sibling.
  • Here’s what one of the mums did! We found this quite funny, yet interesting…..I put a crumpled brown paper (size of a cockroach) in the bottle and told my daughter that a cockroach has made your bottle his home. She refused to drink from the bottle after this episode.
  • Give your kid a pep talk like ” you are now a big boy/girl, you see mamma papa with a cup, how about you give it a try!! Praise them for whatever co-operation they have put in and praise them. Do this everyday and increase the amount slowly. Lastly, never try these when the child is very hungry, like in the morning or at dinner time before having proper food.
  • Introduce changes in small stages when all other factors remain stable in baby’s life, i.e. a regular home atmosphere and good health and a patient mom. Don’t make it appear as if it’s a big deal. Sit down with a glass for your kid and one for yourself. Pour very little drink in the glass so the kid will not feel threatened by a spill. Your kid might get very little in the beginning, but don’t make a big deal of it. Pour a little, then more and offer again. Repeat until your child finishes up, or stop if your child rebels. Even if it takes time, don’t offer the bottle as an easy way. Keep the faith and have patience.
  • Be honest with your baby that what your baby is having in the glass is milk, even if it’s mixed with any additional flavour. Don’t give it a different name as this might confuse them later, and if someone asks them to drink milk, they may refuse because of the name, and not because of the taste.
  • Try giving milk in tumblers/sippers. Initially your child will drink very little or not drink at all. Try again and again and your child will pick up having milk in a glass. Once your kid is comfortable having milk in sippers, let some time pass and start giving milk in a normal glass.
  • Buy fancy mugs that have animals, flowers or some favourite cartoon characters in them. Encourage them on every sip they take.
  • Kids get comfort from sucking which is why they never want to give up bottle feeding. You can cut the bottle nipple from the tip to make a very big hole. This will lead to an abnormal flow and the child wont be able to latch upon it. Indirectly she wont get the desired comfort and will soon give up the bottle.g
  • Be patient, try with sippy or straw in glass in the beginning.
  • Make your child realize that she is the only one in house who’s not drinking through a glass while everyone else uses them. As all kids want to imitate elders, this might be an easy task.
  • I bought a donald-faced cup for my son and told him I can’t find his bottle. The bottle was already interesting for him and from that day he started drinkin from his cup.
  • Start with water in the cup first and use a glass or mug whose edges are little tilted outwards as kids, unlike us, insert the whole glass edge in their mouth.
  • Curiousity is what you need to instigate in a kid. If your child seems curious to check whats in the cup, you are half way through it.If your child is still not curious then offer other stuff other than milk in the glass like juice, milkshakes etc. If they like it then soon they may accept milk in a glass! The key is to be patient and persistent!
  • Stop giving bottle during the day. Give small amount of milk 3-5 times a day, your baby might not drink, but keep trying couple of times a day. Hide all bottles, slowly your kid will start drinking from the glass.
  • My daughter learned to drink from glass when she turned 8 months old. At first we tried with spoon & glass and now she drinks from a glass on her own. Now she drinks water from it very well.

FC says: It takes some time for your child to be able to understand how a cup or glass works, and what you need to do is give your kid ample time and keep patience. It’s always a good idea to start when your kid turns 8-9 months old. But if you may, you can always let your child start playing with a sippy cup or straw cup earlier. This will get your baby curious, and they may soon show some itnerest in the cup, wanting to drink from it or trying to figure out how it works. You can always put a little water in the sippy cup just to show your baby hoe to drink from it. Also, if there’s an elder sibling at home, it’s a good idea to let them sit together and give them both a sippy cup. You can give milk to your older kid and water to your younger one.

Special thanks to parents:

Namrata Sukhija, Nazeema Taj, Sonal Maner, Sudha Chakravarty, Ravindran Suma, Jeetu Bhatia, Bala Vetri, Amanpreet Bawa, Sharika Sultana, Siddhi Thakkar, Fatima Khan, Rukshana Zubin Bodhanwalla, Mumsphere, Anika Talwar, Temjen Mongla Jamir, Dhanya V Anoop, Akhila Karthik


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