Glam Summer Mommies

So you’re trying to make sure your kiddie has a great time this summer. But mommies, unless you stay tuned to the latest happenings in what’s ‘in’ and what’s hot this summer, there’s a chance you may not really feel as glam yourself as you should definitely feel and deserve to feel! After all, the secret behind a smart kiddo is an even smarter mommy, and sometimes, being smart is also about being a bit glamorous. What’s the harm?

We’re not asking you to break the bank here, but we’d love to share a few simple tips with you that are sure to make this summer even more glam and ‘happening’ for you……


Cotton Summery Dresses are an absolute must if you want to stay in-style and also comfortable. While mommies sure should be stylish, we also understand that a lot of your time is spent running after and looking for your baby. So make sure the dress is comfortable and does not break you in a sweat. Many summer dresses are absolutely cute and flowy. But in case you’re not feeling too comfortable, or if this is your first time in a dress, you can easily tone it down a bit to suit your sensibilities by wearing a legging underneath or taking a casual shrug.


While shopping, make sure to include a few pastels in your clothing. Also, go for clothes with different sleeve lengths, like sleeveless, mini sleeves, vests, spaghetti tops, comfortable shrugs that you can wear over these, long loose tops and the likes. And of course, add 1 or 2 skirts to your wardrobe, choosing the length of your desire, to make it flowy and fun.


Summers are all about being sun-kissed and having that light sun-kissed glow. A great way to show off your ‘summery’ look is by using a bronzer slightly on your cheekbones. While doing so, make sure you tap off all excess product – the idea is to look sun-kissed, not weirdly shiny and made-up all over! Also, if you feel a bronzer is too much, go for a foundation that’s a shade darker than yours and use this lightly around the cheekbones. Make sure you dab a bit across the temples and a bit on your chin and nose to make the look ‘even’ and not just two circles of golden glow on your cheeks.


While the bronzer look is smoking, the one look that you want to sport more often during summers is a fresh, cool one – pinks and blushes. Anyone can get this look and all you need is a clear skin to begin with. If you feel your skin isn’t as perfect as you would want it to look, you can always go for some help with a foundation, BB cream or a light tinted moisturiser. Lightly dust off your face with a finishing/face powder. Apply a light pink blush on the apples of your cheeks (this is the area that comes up when you smile, so smile often!) 🙂 and use a light lip shade (light, not nude). The idea is to keep the makeup to a minimum and to look more fresh and clean than made-up.


Summers are perfect for some peep-toes, so make sure your feet are well taken care of. Choose the style that best suits your ‘running around’ needs. You want to look glam and feel on ‘top of the world’, but sometimes, even a flat sandal can do the trick, rather than running around on 6-inch heels…so moms, choose wisely!


We all need a dash of perfume in our every day. While florals are a great trend this summer, and mostly a hit with ladies, try out a few before you find your signature scent. Dab some lightly on your wrists, on the back of your ears and maybe a little around your neck. This will keep you smelling fresh through the day. Don’t go overboard. You want to smell nice, not feel like a bottle of perfume yourself.


The good news is that waves are in. The bad news, or the difficult news, is that you definitely need to spend some more time and attention to your hair. No tying up your hair in a bun all the time. Let it out loose, let your natural hair grab attention. Go for a hair-treatment session, if you feel you need one. Take out time for a weekly hair-oil massage at home, cut out the grease and grab the shampoo bottle.

Summers, especially in india, are quite harsh. So ladies, make sure you take proper care of yourself. Drink lots of water, stay hydrated and get some good eating habits by including fresh veggies and fruits in your diet….and voila…you’re ready to shine mommy!!! 🙂


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