Checklist For This Summer Vacation

Moms, the summer vacations are here, or almost! And even if you’re not really ready for the holidays, chances are, the little ones in the house are already making plans..So while you may be thinking of taking a trip, here are a few must-haves on your summer vacation checklist that you need to get ready in time.

Summer vacations are a great time for the entire family to come together and participate in some relaxing free-time. But unless you’ve packed wisely or planned ahead, the much looked-forward vacation may turn to a chaotic and hassled one, especially if you’re traveling with a younger child. Take some time out to plan and we can assure you you’ll come back with many fun moments to cherish….


1. Plan ahead: Start planning at least a month or two in advance. But in case you didn’t get to plan earlier, it’s time to start now! Whether you want to take your kids to a vacation resort, a beach resort, an international getaway or a weekend getaway, start looking at hotels of your choice now, so that you can book your choice of dates. Also, if you are traveling to a destination that’s far, check out availability for airlines or railway.


2. Remember to ask about kids’ meals options: If you are booking a hotel/resort/home stay or any place where there is an option of ordering meals, ask beforehand if the kitchen can prepare kid-appropriate meals. Remember to mention the age of your child and check for meal preferences.


3. Check weather conditions: Sometimes, even though it may be a summer vacation, the weather where you are headed may be different, and in fact quite cold, especially if you’re traveling to a hill station. Always call in and check at the hotel to find out about the climate and what kinds of clothes you should carry. While packing the kiddie bag, make sure you keep a pair of warm clothes, even though the climate may be warm. Sometimes, even sleeping in an AC room may make your little one feel cold. Plus, with little kids, there’s always the risk of catching a fever. Warm doesn’t need to be woolen, just something that’s full-sleeved and will keep your baby cosy.


4. Protective Gear: If you’re going somewhere where you’ll be moving around in a two-wheeler or where your kid may be taking part in activities like bike-riding, horse-riding and such, make sure you carry a kiddie helmet that’s appropriate for your child’s age and head size.


5. First-Aid Kit: Soar throats and cuts and bruises are a part of growing up. And while you’re traveling, make sure you have a basic first-aid kit in your luggage. Also, remember to carry your child’s doctor’s contact number and any medicines that your child is prescribed or usually uses.


6. Sunscreen and sunshades: Carry sunscreen for all the members of your family. Also, carry sunshades and sunglasses meant for kids.


7. Swimming gear: It’s summers and what’s more fun in the summers than making a splash in the pool? Turn your kid into a water baby and remember to carry all the water essentials – swimming costume, swimming cap, swimming goggles, hand floats or rubber floats, inflatable water boat for kids and the like.


8. Feeding Supplies: If you are traveling with an infant or a small baby, you’ll have to carry all the required feeding supplies like milk bottles, nipples and teats, formula, feeding cloak, milk powder, bottle cleaning liquid.


9. Diapering Needs: Most places have a marketplace nearby where you can easily locate a pharmacy to purchase diapers for your baby. But its always advisable to carry some basics, just in case, like diapers, diaper rash cream, baby wipes, nappies.


10. Bathing and after-bath essentials: Your baby’s skin is extra-sensitive and delicate, and even if you’re traveling to a good-quality resort, it’s always advisable to carry your baby’s own bathing supplies and post-bath essentials like baby body wash, baby shampoo, baby soap, baby hair oil, baby massage oil, baby powder, baby cream, baby moisturiser.


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