From Breast To Bottle: What Milk To Give Baby? SOS Moms Forum Reply

milk460x276Last week mom Farah wrote in to us, saying she wants to stop breastfeeding her 13 months old baby and start feeding her milk. She wanted to know whether it is good to give the baby cow’s full fat milk or low fat. We posed the question to the mommies and daddies through our SOS forum on our FB page and here’s what the parents had to say..

  • Cow’s milk, after mother’s milk, is the easiest to digest
  • Baby formula is recommended. Full fat milk is an alternative. Low fat milk can be included in baby’s diet after 24 months or 2 years and not before that as fat is essential for brain development.
  • Go for toned milk, when you are not breastfeeding it is easier for baby to digest.
  • Go for full fat milk as until 2 years of age the baby needs fats for brain development.
  • After the age of 1, babies can be given cow’s milk. It is advised that babies and kids under 5 are given full fat cow’s milk.
  • Low fat milk which baby can easily digest.
  • Before going for anyone’s option it’s better to consult your doctor.
  • Full fat cow’s milk
  • Cow’s milk has high level of protien content which is injurious for infant’s kidneys, so its better to give full fat pasteurised milk.
  • Start by giving NAN milk as it’s the best. It is easy to digest and has DHA too.
  • It’s perfectly okay to give high fat cows milk or formula milk.
  • Formula milk is better because cow’s milk is low in iron.
  • Go for low fat milk as it can be digested easily, then slowly go to other weaning foods or half toned milk instead mother’s milk.
  • While starting u should give your baby low fat milk because your baby is not habitual to heavy milk so baby might bot be able to digest it easily. Slowly start heavy milk for good health.
  • Cow’s full fat milk has high level of proteins so doctors suggest low fat milk.
  • Start with low fat and later on move to full cream.
  • Cow’s full fat milk can be used upto 2 yrs as the baby needs the calories and low fat can be introduced after 2. Its ultimately the parent’s choice. But it is not advisable to give cow’s milk before the age of one as it is difficult to digest and can also cause gas.
  • It depends on your child’s health..first you must see whether cow’s milk suits your baby’s health. Start with cow’s low fat milk. If you start with full fat milk chances are the baby may get wheezing problems.
  • Weaning means baby is going directly from breast to a different kind of milk that baby hasn’t tried out before. For the initial stage, it’s always best to go for a low-fat milk that will be easier for baby’s stomach to digest. Also, full fat milk can lead to various problems like constipation and other issues, that are a result of low digestion. Its best to start baby on the low fat milk and once baby gets used to it, you can slowly start with the full fat one.
  • I prefer NAN Pro formula milk 1 2 3 as it has all the nutrients needed for the baby than packet milk and is completely safe on babies’ stomach.
  • Cow’s low fat milk is the best after mother’s milk.
  • Doctors recommend using formula milk up till 24months!! After that, start with cow’s low fat milk as it’s easy for digestion and gradually move to full fat.
  • Whether you use cow’s milk or buffalo milk, it is important to boil it well.
  • The infant in my family has started taking double toned milk. She was on Lactogen and breast feed. Now she is taking other milk as well, but she still takes Lactogen. When the switch was made, Lactogen was not phased out. She is close to 15 months now, and takes buffalo milk too, but it is diluted as 3 parts milk to 1 part sterilized water. However, the double toned milk (Amul or Sanchi) is given to her undiluted. The biggest advantage of introducing the different types of milk to her is that she is now comfortable and willing to take any of the variants. She also tolerates all the three – Lactogen, Diluted buffalo milk and double toned milk, so it is all good.
  • I started giving my daughter full fat buffalo milk when she turned one year.
  • Formula milk is better for a child up to 1.5 yrs as this milk is lighter on baby’s tummy.
  • It’s different from child to child. My girl won’t eat anything if I give her cows milk. She will take 500 ml milk for the whole day and no food. But if I give her Lactogen she will take 600 ml and eat well too. Also noticed chest infection after introducing cows milk. Try and give your child what suits her/him best.
  • Low-fat milk is easier to digest and has all the goodness of milk without the fat. Full-fat milk might cause severe indigestion that may lead to lactose intolerance in some children.
  • Formula milk upto the age of 1.5 yr is safest and best along with solid foods. Introduction of cow’s milk should only be post 1.5 years as cow’s milk is harsh on the kids’ tummy.

While we would like to thank every parent who shared their advice, it’s also easily noticeable that every mother’s suggestion and experience is different. We always believe that Mother Knows Best, and each mother will instinctively know what’s best for her baby. Weaning a baby and moving baby from breast to bottle is a very important and crucial stage, one which requires your complete understanding of baby’s health and needs. While buffalo’s milk may work great for some baby, cow’s milk may be a better option for another, while some babies may only find goat’s milk suitable. Every mother has a different time when she starts baby on additional milk outside breastfeed, and every baby has a different digestive system. It’s strongly advisable that you consult your baby’s doctor before weaning, to understand baby’s constitution and needs and to best know what will suit baby and work best.

Special thanks to:

Durga Godbole, Appasamy Pradeep, Sukoon Jethani Chopra, Devika Sahajwani, Somita Suri, Rushika Sharma, Rekha Sonthalia Kedia, Inie Minie, Ruchi Kokcha Sharma, Komal R Singh, Temjen Mongla Jamir, Fizza Butul, Riyah Bhamra Kataria, Siddhi Sharma, Angel Shane Fatema, Reema Ajay Kapoor, Farah Fairy, Saroj Tiwari, Avi Krocha, Delima Boim, Radha Mishra, Preeti Vyas Parashar, Sarah Singh, Rashmi Kiran Devadiga, Debolina Raja Gupta, Nazeema Taj, Divya Sundaram, Deepti Sahni, Nandini Nandi, Namrata Samel Dixit, Vijaya Lad, Sakina Saifee Katabjiwala, Shruti Pant Dholakia, Meenu Jain, Asma Khan, Dhannya Itty Mathew, Sonal Sanket Kayani, Ruchi Kawdia Parashar, Sriparna Baksi, Anurima Roy, Rashi Mehra, Priyanka Agarwal, Ashoka Gupta, Meetal Amish Shauryya, Umabhargavi Kavi, Reshma Vivek, Jaya Singhal Goyal, Neha Sharma


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