Summer Time Remember Time

67a30bf100978a0ea1f3a7c07b79daecMums, it’s summers! That time of the year when our babies absolutely have to be outdoors and enjoy a lot of free play and activities – things that are not only fun but are also extremely vital to their growth and development. While summers are really a lot of fun, what with the days being longer and there being lots of time to be outdoors and many activities that can be taken part in, this can also be the season when kids fall sick due to over-exertion and over-exposure to the sun. While kids will be kids, we, as parents, can remember to look after a few basic points that will help keep them safe and healthy, and let them soak in the sun full on….Here’s a checklist of some of the important things you need to keep in mind this summer for your little one:


 Lots of water to drink:

It’s important that you make sure your child has enough water a day. Ideally, your child should be having a glass of water every half an hour in the summers. One great way to check if your child is having enough water is by checking the colour of urine. If the urine is light yellow in colour, that means your child is adequately hydrated. Dark yellow urine is a sign of lack of water. Along with water, you can also give liquids like glucose water, home-made lemonade and coconut water to keep your baby happily hydrated.

FirstCry Tip: Keep a cute sippy cup or bottle filled with fresh water, where your child can see and have easy access. Having water right in front will make them reach out for it more.


 Loose comfortable clothes:

Summers are all about loose, comfortable free-flowing clothes. Make sure your baby/child is dressed only in pure cotton dresses, as these are extremely breathable and will not cause any sweat-build up in the body, thus preventing heat rashes, itching and other skin allergies.

FirstCry Tip: Go for light colours and pastels like blues, pinks, light greens, limes, yellows, oranges, greys, lavenders, whites and try and stay away from very dark or neon colours for the day.

7f674b812382ab3a68777488bb7d8edaHats, Sunglasses And More:

Let the active sun not be too much of a worry for your little darling. Get some nice summery hats, caps and sunshades for your kid and help them wear it before they step out into the sun. Kiddie sunglasses are also a great way to protect those precious eyes from the sun.

FirstCry Tip: If your child isn’t too happy about putting on a full hat, you can always let them wear some interesting sunshades that put a cover on the forehead and also shield the eyes. Get some in their favourite cartoon characters and see how excited they will be to put them on.


Check the Diaper:

Summer times are thirsty times, when your baby may be drinking more of water and liquids. This means that as more liquid goes in, more comes out too! Make sure you check baby’s diapers frequently and change it as soon as needed. This will be a sure way of preventing any diaper rash or irritation in the sensitive areas.

FirstCry Tip: If you don’t want baby to be in diaper the whole time, a better idea is to put the little one in a cloth diaper or nappy.


SunBlock Time:

You have religiously been using sunscreen throughout summers, but what about your child? As much as the sun beats down on you, it has the same harmful effects on your kid as well. A good sunblock for kids is important to protect your little one from harmful sun effects.

FirstCry Tip: Make sure you dry up your baby perfectly before applying the same. Apply it at least half an hour before your child is stepping out in the sun.


Bath Time Special:

Summers are times when your baby will surely sweat more. This means more bacteria and germs and more dirt in the creases. Summers are times when your baby may like to take more baths, and it’s also advisable as it helps keep baby clean. Go for some nice baby bath washes, soaps and shampoos, and also bubble baths that will make bath time more fun.

FirstCry Tip: Top to toe washes are generally more suited to younger babies, as you can use the same product for both hair and body wash. Also, these are mostly no-tear so its especially good for sensitive eyes of smaller kids. Using a little bubble bath in the baby tub will make bath time super fun, something your child will look forward to.


Comfortable footwear:

Summer time is perfect for flip-flops, sandals and slippers. Get your baby fitted into comfortable open footwear that’s easy to put on and doesn’t close the feet.

FirstCry Tip: Closed footwear causes sweat build-up in the creases between toes and can lead to germs and infections. Make sure you properly clean baby’s feet each time they come in from the outdoors. Dry them and put them in comfortable sandals.


Powder Up:

A sure-shot way of keeping your baby dry and sweat-proof in the summers is to use baby powder in between creases and areas that tend to sweat more, especially the neck and throat. A light mildly fragrant or non fragrant baby powder is just perfect.

FirstCry Tip: Give baby a nice bath and carefully dry them up, making sure you give extra attention to the creases. Once done, apply some baby powder and put on light loose cotton clothes.


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