Train Your Babies To Brush On Their Own: SOS Moms Advise

Mommy Rashmi Agrawal is trying to train her 2 year old daughter to brush on her own, and as with most things ‘baby’, she needs help and advice! She says, “It’s been 6 months but she only keeps sucking on the brush. Please help!” Quite a difficult situation there. As always, we posted the query to our lovely parents on the SOS Mom forum on our FB page, and here’s what they had to say.


  • Start brushing with your kid, the way you want her to, slowly and with fun!! Add a little rhyme to your routine and it will be an everyday ritual with some fun and learning
  • Let her watch you, make it look like a lot of fun!
  • Let her buy her own tooth brush.
  • Brush her yourself when she lets you. She will get used to what exactly she has to do. Just explain to her while you’re brushing her teeth about what you’re doing.
  • Let your kid brush you with your toothbrush while you brush her.
  • Don’t force your kid, instead, just stand near and encourage your little one.
  • Teach your child the importance of having nice clean teeth by telling them all about it in a simple way.
  • Started brushing since the first tooth comes out. Use special rubber brushes that are meant for teething. This will help get them used to the concept of a toothbrush later.
  • Be patient, keep showing, teaching and encouraging.
  • Started by giving an infant tooth brush right from the time the first tooth comes out, but without toothpaste.
  • In the morning, take your tooth brushes together and brush together. Repeat this before going to bed each night.
  • Show your kid some fun videos of songs or cartoons about brushing etc. to make the whole process even more exciting.
  • There are many tooth pastes for infants that don’t have fluoride added so they don’t pose any health danger even if baby isn’t able to spit it out. Just add a tiny little bit on the baby’s tooth brush and even if baby eats some of it, it’s not dangerous, plus some of it ends up on the teeth and is useful for cleaning.
  • Try standing in front of the mirror and brushing. This will help your child follow you even as you are brushing.

With special thanks to:

AnshuMarwaha, Laura Visirin-Jain, NamrataSamel Dixit, Dhivya Sri, TemjenMonglaJamir, Indira Kar, Mini Jain, AartiVedpathak, Namita Jain, RuchiToliaRawat, Nazia Imran, GunjanLaad Sharma, Sharmistha Bhattacharya, Shama Desai


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