Does Your Baby Seem Extra Quiet Of Late? SOS Moms Forum

This week mum Megha Gupta Aggarwal wrote in a worried mail. Her 06-month-old son has suddenly become very quiet, even though he is active the entire day. She wanted to know if this is normal behaviour, often seen in babies. We posed this question on our SOS Moms forum and here’s what the parents replied:


  • If he’s active and growing properly you shouldn’t worry. Continue speaking and explaining things to him and fill in for his quietness. He will eventually start speaking and you won’t be able to stop him anymore. My son loved and still loves songs and all kind of word games since he was very young. That helped him a lot in speaking. Good luck!
  • Its ok, there is no need of worry.
  • If the baby eats well, is active and is good with all the milestones of a 6 months old baby, I don’t see a problem.
  • Don’t worry at all. All children are different. So just try and give your maximum time to your son. Play with him. Talk to him. It might be his nature of being quiet.
  • Just go on talking with him make some different sound, he will also try to do so. You talk in front of his face so that he can see your lip movement n he will learn to talk.
  • Yes this usually happens, it might be due to teething as some babies get headache due to teething and many more changes can be seen in them. There is nothing to worry, give proper diet to the baby and continue talking to him.

Contributions from moms:

Laura Visirin Jain, Priya Shah Sharma, Patricia Wilson, Latikka Sharma, Geethu Athraya, Meetal Amish Shaurya, Juona Siju, Sheeba Lal, Reet Relia, Mrinali Pal, Sindu Anand


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