A New Beginning, A New Life ` Mommy Daddy and The New One: Any Questions?

5a34232732d1713520872e1bd488abffThe first time you met, it may have been love at first sight, or maybe it took a few more sights than just the first 🙂 Graduating from a young woman to a wife is the first step to creating a world of your own, a special world that you slowly start filling up with your own memories and creations, right?

At first, it’s you and hubby. And then, along the way, there may come a time when you may start thinking of creating a little angel for yourself, just for the two of you, a new one to add many more joys to the family, a new one to help you graduate to yet another new, and special phase of your life – Motherhood!

While seeing a little cherubic baby in someone else’s arms may always fill you up with smiles and warmth, having a little one of your own and caring for a new born who slowly grows into a toddler and more, is not always only smiles and play. There may be times when you will be filled with frustration, doubt, worries and anxiety, and there will be many many more moments that will bring tears of joy and non-stop smiles and warmth to fill up each day of your life.

Becoming a parent is not only about giving birth to a little one, it’s about understanding what parenting is all about, what responsibilities you need to be prepared for, what your baby will demand of you and many more details that are special to every parent.

Starting today, we will bring you a complete series of articles that will help you understand all about pregnancy, becoming a parent, giving birth, what to look out for while you are getting ready for baby, and of course, what all to be prepared for right after birth. As we begin this journey with you all over again, we would love to know if there is anything specific that you would like to know about, or maybe want to share with us. As much as our articles and discussions are meant to help you, remember, your experiences can help other mommies and daddies out there as well! So do let us know the details in the comment box below, or write to us at firstcrydiaries@firstcry.com

Happy Parenting and welcome to a happy new beginning !!!!


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