A Love Poem For Your Little One: Mum Humaira Umeruddeen’s Poem For Her Twin Boys

Hearing the words jingling from proud parents celebrating their parenthood and toasting their bundles of joy, I thought I too would share a little poem I wrote in honor of my twin sons, Syed Mohammed Mustafa and Syed Mohammed Mujtaba, born on 01-Nov-2011 (Proud parents are we, me – Humaira Umeruddeen and my hubby – Syed Ehtesham Ahmed) 🙂 🙂
So here goes my little poem for my sweet boys:


Dwarfed was I not by the scales of the gender,
The pride of being me, not ready to surrender.
Yet in me a void lay, which I tried to hide,
My mind not much bothered, let it aside.

Not once did it reason why emptiness crept,
Silently within, why my existence wept.
Unbothered it lived each day, each night;
Content I was, for all was just right.

Wronged was I when one day they came,
My twin joys, oh! They just looked the same!
A sense of completeness filled me within,
The pride of my gender reflected there in.

They grew into me each day as they grew,
Giving joy each moment a meaning new.
How abundant was love in me, I knew not,
The need of my being to me they taught.

Each time their eyes looked around,
In me their answers they always found.
And as my twins befriend each day,
I hold their hands, and show them the way.

One day though, they will need no more
Cautious hands, to which accustomed before.
For one day, my little twins will be fine men,
And gladly in their care will I rest then!

My twin joys take time, time to grow!
Each memory in time I will carefully sow.
In words or in thoughts, will bloom they forever,
In my heart, soul and mind perish will they never!


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