The Power Called Woman!

So all you lovely ladies out there, before we even begin this article, I would love for you all to give yourself a pat on the back. For what? For being a source of inspiration to your family and friends, for being the fountain of love for your children and those who you hold close to your heart, for being that special 3 am friend and confidante that only you can be, for being that pillar of strength, that source of constant smile and energy, for being YOU, for being a WOMAN!!! Go on, you deserve that pat!

womenwhomatters (2)

So when we say Woman Power, what do we mean? We surely don’t mean a woman who goes out there flexing her muscles and trying to take people down. We don’t mean someone who kicks and punches. Well you see, for us women, being powerful is not about how many weights you can pull up at the gym or how hard you can kick-box. For us, it means how much patience we can practice, how much love and understanding we can show even when we are out and low, how much strong we can be for those around us, even while we may ourselves be looking for someone who can be around.

Being a woman means all this and much much more.

With the time-defined roles being changed these days and women getting more and more recognition in the house, the family, as well as in various fields, it’s time that we take note of the changes happening all around us. A woman has always played many roles – a daughter, a sister, a wife, a daughter-in-law, a mother, a mother-in-law, friend, colleague, boss….so much to do and so much to achieve. And while playing all these roles masterfully, somewhere, she has still managed to keep her essence, her femininity, intact.

As we get all set to celebrate International Women’s Day on the 08th of March 2013, let’s make a promise to ourselves. Let’s decide to make each day a Women’s Day. Let’s pledge to respect and honour our women, to love and care for them, to cherish and hug our lovely daughters, mothers, sisters, wives, friends and any other woman or female who has been an essential part of your life. Let’s understand once and for all that respecting a woman means respecting the nation, respecting your culture, your traditions, your values. On this Women’s Day and for all the other days to follow, let’s make sure we appreciate all that is special in a woman, and tell her what she truly means to us….

If any woman has ever truly touched your heart, do make her feel special by making a special mention of her in the comment box here. If you would like, share this article with all those lovely women out there who have in some way made your life extra special and extra loving, and yes, most important of all, tell that special woman in your life how much you love her……


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